Kang Yul transferred to actor Kim Min-gyu’s company.
Kang Yul transferred to actor Kim Min-gyu’s company.
Actor Kang Yul signed an exclusive contract with the new agency Companion Company.

On the 29th, Companion Company announced, "We have signed an exclusive contract with actor Kang Yul. We will not spare any support so that Kang Yul, who is solidifying his position as a 'popular actor' through numerous works, can demonstrate his capabilities in various fields."

Kang Yul, who debuted in the web drama 'Seventeen' in 2017, has proven his acting skills through numerous works such as 'Temperature of Love', 'Queen of Mystery 2', 'Number Six', 'Muddy Love Story', and 'When I was Captured by Iljin'. He showed off his ability to digest a wide range of characters.

Kang Yul played the role of Park Won-seok, a key character in the 2022 Disney Plus original series 'Third Person Revenge', and won the Rookie of the Year Award in the actor/actress category at the '2022 Korea Hallyu Culture Awards'. In the recently concluded drama 'Elegant Empire', he gave a passionate performance full of presence as the new actor Jung Woo-hyuk, who overcomes the sorrow of a powerless agency and moves forward steadily.

In addition, following the solo entertainment program 'Convenience Store Robbery' broadcast on WELIKE, K-STAR, and Polaris TV, he was a regular member of the JTBC entertainment program 'Smiling Boss', showing off his ability as an 'all-rounder' who can act and cook. .

Companion Company includes actor Kim Min-gyu and former VIXX singer and actor Han Sang-hyuk.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google