Lee Dong-wook's unique method of teaching his nephew
Lee Dong-wook's unique method of teaching his nephew
'Killers' Shopping Mall' Lee Dong-wook's method of educating his nephew is attracting attention.

In episodes 3 and 4 of Disney+'s original series 'Killers' Shopping Mall', which was released on the 24th, Lee Dong-wook played the role of Jeong Jin-man, the owner of a shopping mall called 'Murder Help' and the uncle of Jeong Ji-an (Kim Hye-jun, Jo Si-yeon). His unique teaching methods, which he trained his nephew well in the past, have helped Jian move forward well in the present, as if it were a spiritual legacy.

Jin-man put Ji-an in extreme situations to help her overcome her fear of hyena fantasies that she had seen since childhood. It was deliberately planned so that Jian, who went to seek rescue for his sick self in the mountains, would encounter wild dogs. Remembering Jin-man's words, "If you're strong, you won't bark," Jian used a slingshot to blow away the illusion, and Jin-man protected Jian from behind. Afterwards, he taught Jian how to use a gun and offered a bet that if he hits even one blow, he would become independent, so Jian could learn Muay Thai and protect himself.

In this way, Uncle Jin-man's unique teaching method shines every time when Ji-an is in a crisis. In the past, when 13-year-old Ji-an brought in a sick cat, Jin-man said, “Listen carefully, Jeong Ji-an. Every choice comes with responsibility. “If you happen to die, Jeong Ji-an, you will be responsible for all the sorrow,” he said firmly. This gave Jian great direction in his decision when he was faced with a choice about who to trust.

In the process of Jin-man growing up as an uncle, Lee Dong-wook delicately expressed his sincerity in caring for his nephew more than anyone else in his facial expressions and eyes, even though he seemed indifferent, and portrayed the three-dimensional character of 'Jeong Jin-man' with perfection. In addition, he explains the relationship between uncle and nephew in an interesting way, making viewers more immersed in the situation given to them. Accordingly, expectations are high for Lee Dong-wook's performance in the remaining stories of 'Killers' Shopping Mall'.

Meanwhile, Disney+'s original series 'Killers' Shopping Mall' starring Lee Dong-wook is released every Wednesday on Disney+.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google