Singer Insooni, an icon of challenge beyond her age
Singer Insooni, an icon of challenge beyond her age
Singer Insooni's unprecedented transformation through 'Golden Girls' is a hot topic.

Insooni has appeared on KBS2's entertainment show 'Golden Girls' (directed by Yang Hyuk/written by Choi Moon-kyung), which has been airing since October of last year, and her appearance in the program is capturing the attention of viewers, filling the home theater with heart-pounding emotion every time.
Singer Insooni, an icon of challenge beyond her age
Singer Insooni, an icon of challenge beyond her age
When ‘Golden Girls’ was first recruited, I asked Park Jin-young, “Is it a girl group? Insooni, who had been complaining, “It’s a grandmother’s group, right?!” actually showed that she worked harder and more passionately than anyone else after confirming her appearance on the program.

This inspired the public to think, 'I need to work harder, too,' and 'it's not too late to start something new,' motivating them and giving them the courage to take on challenges.

Insooni reinterpreted New Jeans' 'Hype Boy' in her own style, drawing a warm response. The full version of Insooni's 'Hype Boy' stage video also continues to enjoy a high popularity, recording a high number of views.

The duet mission song that followed was broken up by Shin Hyo-beom and 'Rookie Sisters', and they performed SISTAR's 'Touch my body' with excitement. This stage enthralled viewers with an eye-catching and spectacular performance.

Insooni's charm fully showed its potential through 'Bloom'. Gain’s ‘Bloom’ is Insooni’s personal mission song. Insooni time slipped from a 66-year-old diva to a 17-year-old girl and performed an unconventional performance.

On this day, Insooni presented a musical-like stage that provided a sense of immersion that made it impossible to take your eyes off the audience for even a moment. Insooni not only gave strength to her singing skills and performance, but also changed her clothes and hairstyle to match the mood of the music.

'Touch my body' was styled with high-up hair, ripped jeans, and high-heeled walkers, while 'Blooma' appeared in an unconventional transformation with afroken hair and a bling-bling ultra-mini dress.

Insooni is a talented singer who possesses all three beats, including a solid voice, powerful singing ability, and performance. Insooni's presence shined not only in personal mission songs and duet mission songs, but also in 'Golden Girls' debut song 'One Last Time' and new song 'THE MOMENT'.

In her debut song and new song, Insooni doubled the song's appeal with explosive energy, high-level dance skills, and stable vocals. I think it was because of him that ‘Golden Girls’ was able to stay focused and come this far.

Meanwhile, 'Golden Girls', in which Insooni is appearing, airs every Friday at 10 o'clock on KBS 2TV.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter translated by google