Shim Hyung-tak wins first award at year-end awards ceremony 23 years after debut
Shim Hyung-tak wins first award at year-end awards ceremony 23 years after debut
'Groom Class' Saya transforms into a daily manager for her husband Shim Hyeong-tak.

In the 96th episode of Channel A's 'Men's Life These Days - Groom's Class (hereinafter referred to as 'Groom's Class'), which will be broadcast at 9:30 pm on the 3rd, Saya becomes Shim Hyeong-tak's manager and takes care of everything from driving to clothes, makeup, and meals. The ‘Queen of’ aspect is revealed.

On this day, when Saya heard that Shim Hyeong-tak's manager was on vacation and had to handle the schedule alone, she volunteered to be the manager, saying, "I have to protect my husband." Meanwhile, in response to Shim Hyeong-tak's question, "What are you going to call me?", Saya responded, "Hyung-tak, hyung?", causing laughter. After seeing that Shim Hyung-tak's manager usually called him 'Hyung-tak hyung', he changed his name from 'Mr. Shim' to 'Hyung-tak hyung'.

Afterwards, Saya drives Shim Hyeong-tak to the beauty salon and brings him snacks and clothes to improve his condition. Under Saya's utmost care, Shim Hyung-tak smoothly goes on stage at the year-end awards ceremony and even receives an award in the entertainment category. In particular, he got emotional and said, “This is my first award in 23 years since my debut,” and then gave all the credit to his wife Saya, receiving a warm round of applause from the audience. ‘Mentor’ Han Go-eun, who was watching this happily in the studio, also cheered for the couple, saying, “Saya is a blessing.”

After successfully completing the awards ceremony, the two move to the live broadcast site. Shim Hyung-tak, who barely arrived on time, is immediately put into the live broadcast, and Saya carefully monitors the live broadcast in which her husband appears and diligently captures the fans' reactions. Furthermore, Saya impresses Shim Hyung-tak by revealing her ambition, “Next time I film a drama, I want to be a manager.”

The scene of Saya's daily manager, who reacted as if she was having a 'housewife battle' (?) with 'divine partner' Park So-young, and the touching acceptance speech of Shim Hyung-tak, who won his first award 23 years after his debut, will be broadcast at 9:30 pm on the 3rd. You can meet him on the 96th episode of Channel A's 'Groom Class'.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google