Oh Yoon-ah "I've had a hard time for 10 years since my divorce."
Oh Yoon-ah "I've had a hard time for 10 years since my divorce."
Kim Yong-man and Oh Yoon-ah expressed their feelings about being selected as MCs for 'Decided to Divorce at least once.'

The two will work together as hosts of MBN's 'Decision to Divorce at least once', which will be broadcast for the first time at 9:30 pm on the 14th. 'Decision to divorce at least once' is based on the unconventional setting of a virtual divorce, with Lee Hye-jeong and Ko Min-hwan, married for 45 years, Jeong Dae-se and Myung Seo-hyeon, married for 10 years, and Ryu Dam and Shin Yu-jeong, married for 4 years and remarried, appearing. It is an unprecedented ‘virtual divorce observation reality show’ that reveals their real daily lives. The three couples will vividly show their inner thoughts about divorce and the various realistic situations they face through virtual divorce.

First of all, Kim Yong-man said about his feelings about joining as an MC, “There are times when I get shaken when I argue with my wife. At times like that, I think, ‘I am a very weak person myself.’ “I want to openly empathize with the emotions that every married couple feels and the stories that come out of it,” he said.

Oh Yoon-ah said, “I think it is not a broadcast for light entertainment, but a broadcast that can give honest stories and a lot of sympathy from married people. Since many couples are unable to resolve their issues even through consultation with loved ones or lawyers, there are cases where they accidentally consider divorce. I also had a hard time talking openly with anyone about my divorce or getting counseling. “Through this program, it would be great for various couples to experience life after (virtual) divorce, listen to advice from experts, and become an opportunity to think and realize what better happiness is for them, or from the other person’s perspective.” said.

Kim Yong-man, a 'communicative empathic MC', and Oh Yoon-ah, an '8-year super single mother', will also play a role in deeply empathizing with and giving advice on the 'virtual divorce' that the three couples will experience. In relation to this, Kim Yong-man laughed, saying, “Rather than giving advice, I think we should look at ‘virtually divorced’ couples and talk together to approach the answer.” Oh Yoon-ah said, “If you get divorced, the opportunity (for conversation) will disappear and it will be completely over.” Because of this, I think it would be a good idea to think carefully. “Especially when you have children like me, if you get divorced, it’s bound to be very difficult,” he said, honestly sharing his experience.

Oh Yoon-ah said, “I regretted not being able to fulfill my responsibility as a parent to my child, and I also thought that I could have just endured it. I also had a difficult time for about 10 years. He gave sincere advice, saying, “I hope couples can open their hearts, communicate with each other, and make enough time for themselves.”

Regarding the ‘virtual divorce’ setting, Kim Yong-man said, “If you don’t look in the mirror, you won’t know what’s on your face, right? Married life also needs to be examined sometimes. “Rather than encouraging divorce, ‘virtual divorce’ will be a time to realize that understanding and consideration for the other person and, above all, my own effort are needed.”

Oh Yoon-ah said, “Whether you get divorced or not, I think it is very important and necessary to know the divorce process. If you learn about divorce common sense, such as custody and parental rights, I think you will think more deeply about divorce. I got divorced without knowing much about it, and I thought it was a burden to know about the process. If you vaguely think, 'My life will get better after divorce,' many things will happen that you will not be able to deal with after divorce. “So, I hope you can change your thoughts and take time to recover (from your wounds) through ‘virtual divorce,’” he emphasized.

He also shared his thoughts on three couples who went through a ‘virtual divorce’. Kim Yong-man said, “Lee Hye-jung and Go Min-hwan met before through SBS’ ‘Baby.’ I am seeing them again after almost ten years, and they are always energetic and humorous. “I’m personally curious about what they will show this time,” he said. Oh Yoon-ah said, “I have no personal relationship with the three couples, but I think they will all be immersed in each other. “Since each person’s life is different, I am curious about what kind of married life they are living. In particular, Lee Hye-jung and Go Min-hwan are from my parents’ generation, so I think I will sympathize with them even more when I think of my parents.”

Lastly, Kim Yong-man said, “I hope that through virtual divorce, it will be a time to cry and laugh together while watching each other explore and think. “I am confident that honest stories about our lives will come out,” he said, urging viewers to watch the show. Oh Yoon-ah said, “Everyone’s life is the same. It may be comforting to think, 'If you add more, no one does worse!', or it may be comforting to think, 'My husband is much better,' and the relationship between the couple may improve. “And, for those who are getting married now, I think it will be a learning experience for them to think, ‘Marriage is not a fantasy but reality,’ and ‘I need to be careful about these things after marriage.’”

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