NewJeans Hani “Leaving everything behind is a big challenge”
NewJeans Hani “Leaving everything behind is a big challenge”
NewJeans' Hani and Daniel decorated the cover of the January 2024 issue of 'Vogue Australia'.

'Vogue Australia' released the cover and interview with Hani and Daniel on its official website on the 29th. The two showed off their extraordinary chemistry with lovely visuals and friendly poses in their first unit pictorial.

‘Vogue Australia’ introduced New Jeans, to which Hani and Daniel belong, as stars that the world is paying attention to. He went on to explain, “New Jeans has broken records one after another since their debut in July 2022, achieving results that artists older than them dream of.”

In an interview with Vogue Australia, Hani said about her life in Korea, “It was definitely a big challenge for me to leave everything behind, but I approached it with excitement,” and added, “I wanted to pour everything into what I love. Fortunately, my parents gave me full support, so I was able to approach with more confidence.”

Daniel expressed his strong affection for the team and fellow members, saying, “Currently, New Genes is my priority. Although we each have different ways, when we are together, we are one family.”

The two also compared Bunnies (fandom name) to ‘lifelong friends’ (Hani) and ‘sunshine’ (Daniel) and emphasized, “This special relationship creates support and love that cannot be expressed in words.”

Regarding the goals she wants to achieve in the next five years, Hani said, “All five of us want to pursue our dreams and live happily, no matter what they are. “I want nothing more than this dream-like life.” Daniel said, “I’m really looking forward to the world tour. “I want to meet more Bernese around the world and spread happiness and joy,” he said.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google