Kim Yoo-jung, unstoppable love for jelly
Kim Yoo-jung, unstoppable love for jelly
Actress Kim Yoo-jung showed off her easy-going charm.

On the 27th, on the YouTube channel 'Singles Magazine', '#My Demon Do Do-hee's original character #Kim Yu-jung's salvation item? A video was posted with the title ‘Kim Yoo-jung’s SHOW YOUR BAG’.

Kim Yoo-jung said, "Actually, I don't carry a lot of bags, but when I have to carry a lot of belongings with my script in, I carry a large bag." He added, “I don’t always read books, but I carry them around.”

Kim Yoo-jeong said, “I usually carry a book with me because I feel like the flow is interrupted when I read it briefly, so I tend to carry a poetry collection with me.” He said about the earphones, "I bought them at a convenience store. I really like listening to music. This product is comfortable. I carry it around because it's easy to plug in and out of my phone."

He explained, "I like the jazz genre, so I always listen to jazz. Since it's winter these days, I tend to listen to a lot of songs that have a moist sensibility that goes well with winter. I'm into classical music, so I search on YouTube and play songs I don't know well to relax." .
Kim Yoo-jung, unstoppable love for jelly
Kim Yoo-jung, unstoppable love for jelly
Kim Yoo-jung said about how she relieves stress, "I listen to music or walk. I like walking, so I relieve stress by walking around." What was revealed next was gua sha. Kim Yoo-jung laughed about the gua sha, saying, "I like holding something in my hand. I carry it around a lot when I'm on set and in everyday life."

He also mentioned the hairpin he received as a gift. Kim Yoo-jung said, "This is a hairpin that I recently received as a gift. It was given to me by a staff member from the makeup team who worked with me on the drama. Isn't it pretty? I have a lot of hair, so when I tie it with a hair tie, my hair always hurts, but using a hairpin was comfortable. That's why I carry it like this. “He said.

Kim Yoo-jung says the product she always carries with her and uses at home is a lip sleeping mask. He said, "I think I apply it frequently. It's so effective that I recommend it to my friends. People around me also recommend it to me."

Kim Yoo-jung explained, "This is a ballpoint pen that I got because it's so pretty. I always carry a ballpoint pen with me. I often use a ballpoint pen when reading books, and there are times when I need to check something, so I always carry a ballpoint pen in my bag."

Not only that, "I didn't like jelly, but when I was hungry while filming, I always ate jelly to wake up and relax my mouth. I like sour food, so I eat it a lot in the morning when I want to wake up and it's cold. If I eat sour food, I get a little feverish. “It’s coming up. I’m seeing a lot of that effect,” he said.

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google