‘Drug charges’ Lee Sun-kyun summoned for the third time today (23rd)
‘Drug charges’ Lee Sun-kyun summoned for the third time today (23rd)
Actor Lee Sun-kyun, who is suspected of drug use, will be summoned for questioning for the third time today (23rd).

According to the Incheon Police Station's drug crime investigation unit, Lee Seon-gyun will be summoned for the third time on the 23rd on charges of marijuana and psychotropic drugs under the Narcotics Management Act.

Lee Seon-kyun first stated as a victim of a case in which he accused two people, including Mr. A, the manager of an entertainment establishment, of blackmail, and was also investigated as a suspect in a drug case. Lee Sun-kyun was previously accused of smoking or taking marijuana and ketamine several times at Mr. A's Seoul home.

Lee Seon-gyun, who appeared at the police and was interrogated twice on October 28 and December 4, is known to have claimed at the time, "Mr. A tricked me and gave me drugs. I didn't know it was drugs." Following the simple reagent test, Seon-gyun Lee also received negative results in the detailed analysis conducted by the National Institute of Forensic Science.

After the suspicion of his drug use became known, Lee Sun-gyun sued two people, including Mr. A, saying, "I was threatened and extorted 350 million won in relation to this incident."

Mr. A, who was arrested and indicted on the 3rd of last month on charges of psychotropic drugs, admitted to receiving 300 million won during a police investigation, but said, "I was threatened through social networking services (SNS) by a person who suspected the relationship between me and Lee Sun-kyun," and that he used drugs with Lee Sun-kyun. He claimed that he had taken medication. A current plastic surgeon suspected of providing drugs to Lee Sun-gyun and others was arrested on the 20th.

Singer G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong), who was charged with drugs along with Lee Sun-kyun, was sent back without charges.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter youyou@tenasia.co.kr translated by google