Mystic Story and Dreamus Company signed a 50 billion won distribution contract
Mystic Story and Dreamus Company signed a 50 billion won distribution contract
Dreamus Company, an affiliate of SK Square, has signed a large-scale content distribution contract with Mystic Story, a comprehensive entertainment company, and is speeding up the expansion of its IP business.

Dreamus Company announced on the 21st that it signed an advance contract for content distribution worth 50 billion won with Mystic Story. Through this contract, Dreamus Company will exclusively distribute the music and albums of Mystic Story artists worldwide, and plans to expand the scope of cooperation in the MD and performance fields. Additionally, Mystic Story can expect to strengthen its content production capabilities by securing large-scale investments. The two companies, which have previously collaborated on several projects, including the distribution of the music brand 'Monthly YoonJongShin' run by Mystic Story representative producer JongShin Yoon and the performance planning of affiliated artist LUCY, plan to seek to create more aggressive synergy through this contract. .

Mystic Story is engaged in a wide range of businesses, including management of singers, MCs, and actors, as well as entertainment, drama, performance, and film production. Led by singer Yoon Jong-shin, the representative producer, we are building original stories in various fields, including music. The artists included are Son Tae-jin, a member of the first winner of JTBC's 'Phantom Singer' team 'Forte di Quattro' and the first winner of MBN's 'Burning Trotman', Lucy, who has established herself as a 'representative of the K-band scene', and a unique and highly complete story. The group includes talented artists with both musicality and popularity, such as Billy, who is loved as a global trend based on his solid skills. With this investment, we plan to introduce new artists one after another.

Dreamus Company is one of Korea's top music and album distributors and distributes music and albums from major domestic production companies such as JYP Entertainment and P-Nation. It is also strengthening its IP business capabilities through a partnership with Beyond Music, Korea's largest music investment company. I'm doing it. Through strategic cooperation with Mystic Story, Dreamus Company will create IP business results in various fields such as MD, performances, and content through synergy with music and albums as well as Mystic Story's strong artist IP, and will also seek the growth of artists. plan.

Kim Dong-hoon, CEO of Dream Earth Company, said, “Starting with strategic cooperation with Mystic Story, which has diverse and powerful artist IPs, we will further accelerate the strengthening of Dream Earth Company’s IP business capabilities by creating synergy with various IP production companies.” said.

Han Jeong-soo, CEO of Mystic Story Music & Entertainment Business Division, said, “Through this contract, Mystic Story plans to pursue investments in new artists and IP development more stably and strongly.” He added, “Dreamus Company, Korea’s top music and record distributor and global IP distribution platform. “By establishing this strategic cooperation system with , we plan to promote collaboration in the music and music distribution business as well as performance business, IP business, and new content business, and further expand our business domestically and internationally.”

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google