Eric explains health issues, “I’m doing well.”
Eric explains health issues, “I’m doing well.”
Shinhwa and actor Eric explained the rumors about his health.

On the 15th, Eric opened up about a recent photo that was recently spread around online communities. In the photo that went viral with the title 'A somewhat shocking myth, Eric's current situation', Eric looks plain and wearing a black hat. However, he did not have the sharp jawline he had before, and his face was gaunt and swollen, which raised concerns among some fans.

Eric said, "That photo looks like it was when I was in the early days of parenting and couldn't sleep well. I was embarrassed to refuse when I was asked to take a photo at a drinking party, so I just took the photo. Is it really strange?" He joked, "That's good enough. I've taken it up to 98kg."

He dismissed rumors about his health, saying, "The three family members are getting along well. Thank you for your concern."

Eric married actress Na Hye-mi in 2017 and welcomed their son in March of this year.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google