Kim Jeong-hyun, soft, not hard
Kim Jeong-hyun, soft, not hard
Actor Kim Jung-hyun showed off his eight-colored charm through a new profile.

On the 1st, the agency Story J Company released several new profile cuts containing Kim Jung-hyun's various appearances.

In the released photo, Kim Jung-hyun is showing off his soft charisma in a baby blue-colored knit and a boyish hairstyle. Also, by matching a white shirt and a mint-colored cardigan, she not only perfectly pulls off the casual styling, but also creates a sweet atmosphere with a warm and subtle smile.

In another cut that follows, Kim Jung-hyun is wearing a black shirt, giving off a deep masculine look. Clear skin and distinct features capture the hearts of fans with a strong yet restrained feel. In this way, it is said that Kim Jung-hyun perfectly digested various concepts comparable to pictorials at the profile shooting site and created a high-quality result.

Kim Jung-hyun, who has established himself in the public's hearts as a 'trustworthy actor', is building his own filmography based on the acting skills and experience he has accumulated in various works. He will play the role of homicide detective 'Dong-geun' in the movie 'Secret', which is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, December 13th, and will show off his strong presence to the audience with his dense acting. Accordingly, interest is focused on his actions that began with the release of his new profile.

Meanwhile, the movie 'Secret' is a tracking thriller in which the diary of Young-hoon, who committed suicide 10 years ago, is discovered in the brutally murdered body, and Dong-geun, a homicide detective who digs into the secret, faces his forgotten past. It will be released on December 13th (Wed.). ) release.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google