Ra Mi-ran, the hottest actor of 2023
Ra Mi-ran, the hottest actor of 2023
Actress Ra Mi-ran, who has continued to work tirelessly, will continue to be active in 2024.

Ra Mi-ran, who never settles, has been busier than anyone else this year. In JTBC's 'Bad Mom', which aired last April, she played the role of 'Jin Young-soon', who had no choice but to become a tough and bad mother to her son, and not only drew rave reviews from viewers, but was also evaluated as a box office success in terms of viewership and topicality. .

In addition, Ra Mi-ran's acting shined in the TV original series 'Cruel Intern', which was released in August. Ra Mi-ran transformed into the role of Go Hae-ra, a working mother who returns to work as a hard-working 'career intern', providing both empathy and comfort to all viewers who are struggling between work and family, creating another life-long character.

Ra Mi-ran's hard work and broad spectrum of acting skills led to the honor of winning the award. At the '43rd Golden Cinematography Awards' held last October, Ra Mi-ran received the Popularity Award for the movie 'Honest Candidate 2', and at the '31st Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards' held on the 30th of last month, she won the drama 'Bad Mom'. She received the honor of winning the Best Female Actor Award.

Ramiran, who has undergone countless transformations, is expected to fill the next year with a variety of appearances through various platforms.

First, Ra Mi-ran will kick off the new year's theater market with the movie 'Citizen Deok-hee', which is confirmed to be released in January next year. 'Citizen Deok-hee' is an exhilarating chase drama that tells the story of what happens when Deok-hee, an ordinary citizen who has been subjected to voice phishing, receives a rescue request from Jae-min, a member of a fraudulent organization. In the play, Ra Mi-ran plays the role of Deok-hee, an ordinary citizen who loses all of her money in a phone call, and is expected to once again elicit warm sympathy from the audience with her solid and deep acting skills.

Following her performance on screen, Ra Mi-ran returns to the small screen with tvN's new drama 'Jungnyeon'. 'Jeongnyeon' is a work that depicts the growth and growth of Jeongnyeon (played by Kim Tae-ri), a girl born with a gift for singing, right after the Korean War in the 1950s. Ra Mi-ran, who plays the role of Kang So-bok, the director of the Maeranguk Theater Company, who possesses cool charisma and a bossy personality, shows off her acting transformation and charm that are different from before.

In addition, the fantasy drama 'Jeoncheondang', a fantasy drama depicting the magical story of Jeoncheondang, a mysterious snack shop where the mysterious owner Hongja sells snacks that grant wishes, and the people who visit the store, is also scheduled to be released. Ra Mi-ran, who plays Hongja, the mysterious owner of Jeoncheondang, is expected to vividly portray a character ripped from a novel.

I am very happy to see Ra Mi-ran, who will perform passionately across screens, home theaters, and various platforms, with such passionate action.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google