Lee So-young, CEO of Saram Entertainment, selected as ‘35 Most Influential Women in the International Broadcasting Industry in 2023’
Lee So-young, CEO of Saram Entertainment, selected as ‘35 Most Influential Women in the International Broadcasting Industry in 2023’
Lee So-young, CEO of Saram Entertainment, was selected as one of the '35 most influential women in the international broadcasting industry in 2023' announced by 'The Hollywood Reporter', a representative American entertainment media outlet.

'The Hollywood Reporter' has been selecting the most influential figures every year to introduce non-American female executives and creators working outside the United States. This year, under the title 'The 35 Most Powerful Women in International Television', the list of '35 most influential women in the international broadcasting industry in 2023' was announced, including directors, writers, and executives. 'The Hollywood Reporter' suggests that women are currently active in the C-suite (senior management) of the world's most influential media companies, and the success stories of the 35 women in the published list are shown in film, broadcasting, and film around the world. It was selected with the hope that it could serve as an example and inspiration to present a brighter future for the media industry.

'The Hollywood Reporter' introduced CEO So-young Lee as the founder and current CEO of Saram Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as 'Saram Entertainment'), a famous Korean entertainment agency, and the person responsible for discovering the most popular young global stars in the Korean industry. Next, Saram Entertainment, where he is the CEO, includes Jeong Ho-yeon, who gained great popularity with the Netflix original series 'Squid Game', Kim Seong-gyu, the lead actor of Korea's first Netflix hit series 'Kingdom', and Kim Min-ha, the main character of Apple TV+'s critically acclaimed 'Pachinko'. He also added the fact that it was established and revealed the reason for selecting CEO So-young Lee.

The above list includes Saram Entertainment CEO Lee So-young, CJ Group Vice Chairman Lee Mi-kyung, Netflix Asia Pacific Content Executive Vice President Kim Min-young, London public broadcaster BBC CCO Charlotte Moore, Netflix UK Content Vice President Anne Mensah, France's Studio Canal CEO Anna Marsh, China's Xixi Pictures CEO, and 35 women leading the global broadcasting industry were named, including founder Xiaofei Yang, Spain's The Media Pro CEO Laura Fernandez Espeso, Japanese animation production Crunchyroll Vice President Emiko Iijima, and Britain's largest private broadcaster ITV CEO Caroline McCall.

Meanwhile, CEO Lee So-young is joined by actors Kim Min-ha, Kim Seong-gyu, and Jeong Ho-yeon, as well as Han Y-ri, who won the Best Actress Award at the Golden List Awards for the movie 'Minari', Park Gyu-young, who announced her appearance in the Netflix original series 'Squid Game 2', and the US Netflix series 'X-O, Kitty'. Choi Min-young, who showed off her global career with '( I'm doing it. In addition, he is actively working as an artist branding director for about 38 actors representing Korea, including Gong Myung, Byun Yo-han, Uhm Jung-hwa, Lee Ha-nui, Cho Jin-woong, and Choi Soo-young.

Prior to this, in Korea, CEO Soyoung Lee won the grand prize in the Dong-A Ilbo 2020 National Empathy Campaign (NEC) - Leadership Management, Entertainment and Entertainment category and the JoongAng Ilbo & Joongang SUNDAY 'THE CREATIVE MANAGEMENT 2020 - Innovative Brand category. In addition, he produced the movie 'Out of Body', which was released in 2021, and the Wave original movie 'Deadman', which is scheduled to be released, and co-produced the TVING original series 'Jae Lee, I'm Dying Soon'. In addition, we are consistently carrying out various social contribution and environmental protection activities, such as participating in the diversity film project G-Cinema project, the environmental campaign 'LET'S SAVE THE EARTH', and the 'Creating an Urban Forest to Reduce Climate Change 2021' project.

List of ‘35 Most Influential Women in the International Broadcasting Industry in 2023’ selected by The Hollywood Reporter

△Mo Abudu, founder of Ebony Life (Nigeria) △MBC Studio General Manager Zeinab Abu Alsam (Saudi Arabia) △Director Maria Pia Ammirati (Italy) △Lola Bauer Amazon Prime Video Development and Series Manager (Germany) △Renata Brandang Conspiração Filmes CEO (Brazil) △Carol Choi, Disney APAC Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing and Local Original Production (Asia) △Jesan Featherstone Sister Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer (UK) △Veronica Fernandez Netflix Spanish Novel Series Director (Spain) △Laura Fernandez CEO of Espeso Media Pro Studio (Spain) △Juliana Florez Dynamo Country Manager (Mexico) △Cecil Pro Coutaz CEO of Sky Studio (UK) △Helen Gregory Creative Director of See-Saw Films (UK) △Yoko Hitzchi-Zitzman Telepool CEO (Germany) △ Sharon Hogan, co-founder of Merman (Ireland) △ Jay Hunt, creative director of Apple (UK) △ Emiko Iijima, vice president of animation production at Crunchyroll (Japan) △ Min-young Kim, head of Asia Pacific content at Netflix (Korea) △ Mi-kyung Lee, vice president of CJ (Korea) △Lee So-young, CEO of Saram Entertainment (Korea) △Anna Marsh, CEO of StudioCanal; Canal+ Group Vice Chairman (France) △Caroline McCall, ITV CEO (UK) △Anne Mensah, Vice President of UK Content, Netflix (UK) △Charlotte Moore, BBC Chief Content Officer (UK) △Kathy Payne, Banijay Rights CEO (UK) △Apana Purohit Amazon India Original Director (India) △ Julie Roy, CEO of Telefilm Canada (Canada) △ Monica Gyergil, Vice President of Content, Netflix India (India) △ Nicola Schindler Quay Street Productions (UK) △ Adriana Dida Silva, Vice President and Managing Director of International Productions at Floresta (Brazil) △ Karen Thornston, President and CEO of Ontario Creates (Canada) Jane Tranter, Co-founder and CEO of Bad Wolf (UK) Jane Turton, CEO of All3Media (UK) Sally Wainwright, Author (UK) Kayo Washio, Head of US Business at Wowow (UK) Japan) △Yang Xiaofei Xixi Pictures CEO and founder (China)

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