Park Sung-woong, extreme choice attempt in front of Park Hae-jin is 'shocking'
Park Sung-woong, extreme choice attempt in front of Park Hae-jin is 'shocking'
‘National death penalty vote’ Is Park Seong-woong dead?

There is only one episode left until the end of SBS' Thursday drama 'National Death Penalty Vote'. The identity of the 'Gaetal' group that caused the national death penalty vote incident was revealed, and the leader of the 'Gaetal', Kwon Seok-ju (played by Park Seong-woong), took his final revenge on Lee Min-soo (played by Kim Kwon), who killed his daughter eight years ago. Attention is focused on whether the police can stop the national death penalty vote and the final outcome.

At the same time, what arouses viewers' curiosity is whether Kwon Seok-joo is alive or not. In the ending of episode 11, which aired on the 9th, Kwon Seok-ju attempted suicide by listing himself as the last person to be voted for death penalty. The screams of Kwon Seok-joo, who tried to end everything with his own death, and police officer Kim Moo-chan (played by Park Hae-jin), who tried to save Kwon Seok-joo, plunged the small screen into a crucible of shock.

Meanwhile, on November 14, the production team of 'National Death Penalty Vote' revealed Kim Moo-chan and Kwon Seok-ju's appearance at the end of episode 11. In the photo, Kim Moo-chan is talking to someone in a place that appears to be near Kwon Seok-ju's hideout. Seokju Kwon is talking on his cell phone. While raising curiosity about who the two people are talking to, the next photo shows Kwon Seok-ju attempting suicide and Kim Moo-chan who discovered Kwon Seok-ju.

Can Kim Moo-chan save Kwon Seok-ju? Previously, in order to prevent Kwon Seok-joo's death, Kim Ji-hoon (played by Seo Young-joo) revealed his identity as 'Gaetal' and conducted a live broadcast, but was caught by a gang targeting the bounty offered by Min Ji-young (played by Kim Yu-mi). If Kwon Seok-ju dies like this, Kim Ji-hoon's crisis will become a vain sacrifice. The survival of Kwon Seok-ju will have a huge impact on the survival of the national death penalty vote in the future. Attention is being paid to the final episode of the 'National Death Penalty Vote', where Kwon Seok-ju's survival will be revealed.

In relation to this, the production team of 'National Death Penalty Vote' said, "In the final episode to be aired on November 16, the desperate struggle of Kim Moo-chan, who witnessed Kwon Seok-ju's suicide attempt right in front of his eyes, will be revealed. Kim Moo-chan pours all his energy into saving Kwon Seok-ju. As it is a very important scene in the development of the play, the two actors Park Hae-jin and Park Sung-woong completed the tension at an all-time level with passionate performances that exceeded imagination. As this is a scene that the entire production team watched with bated breath, we are looking forward to how it will be portrayed in this drama. “We ask for a lot of interest from viewers.”

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon
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