TWICE Jihyo "I started composing by blindly following Kim Sejeong's studio"
TWICE Jihyo "I started composing by blindly following Kim Sejeong's studio"
Jihyo, a member of girl group Twice, mentioned why she learned songwriting.

On the 13th, a video was posted on the YouTube channel 'Singles Magazine' with the title 'From daily makeup to mental care methods‼️ Everything ONCE is curious about #I asked Jihyo'.

When asked, 'What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?' Jihyo responded, "I think the first thing I do is turn off the alarm. I'm so tired these days that even though I tend to listen to alarms well, there are many days when I don't hear them. I set several alarms and then turn them off. “Side,” he answered.

In response to the question, 'How would you describe this solo album in one word?' Jihyo responded, "The name of my album this time is 'ZONE'. It is a title derived from the letter Z in my SNS ID. I think this is the album that literally expresses me the most. “He explained.

When asked how she overcomes times when she is having a hard time or feeling depressed, Jihyo said, "Actually, I think I enjoy the feeling of depression a little bit. Because it doesn't go away no matter what I do. I think I would rather find something new or enjoyable after feeling this feeling enough."
TWICE Jihyo "I started composing by blindly following Kim Sejeong's studio"
TWICE Jihyo "I started composing by blindly following Kim Sejeong's studio"
Jihyo says, “I don’t like heavy makeup.” He laughed, saying, "I try to bring out my natural look. If I have eyelashes, I use eyelash curlers, apply eyelash curlers, and apply lip balm or lipstick. I apply a daily color. I think I like blusher."

Jihyo said, "I like encores at concerts. I once said that I only want to do encore concerts. That's why I think encores are the most fun. Rather than saying that the encore song is important, the concert is choreographed and follows a set framework, but during the encore, fans can freely participate. “I like any song because I can breathe with other people,” he said.

Also, "I've noticed something while touring this time. Before I go on stage, I spray propolis spray and it feels like it's coated. In my case, I think I'll clear my throat a lot before a concert, but I don't clear my throat as much as I think. When I perform, “If you look at it in advance, you can rest quickly. I tend to chat a lot while doing my hair and makeup so I can relax my head that way,” he explained.

Regarding the reason why she learned to compose, Jihyo said, "My friend Kim Se-jeong looked so happy composing that I wanted to do it too, so I followed Se-jeong to her studio and started. I am also a singer, so I thought it would be good to try writing my own song, so I started composing several songs. As I continued to do this, I also came across a song that was included in the album.”

Jihyo said, "I think I've been saying 'get over it' a lot lately. I think I'm working harder with the mindset that I'll do my best to do what I have to do anyway. Especially when it comes to the stage, it's my job and I've been doing it for over 10 years. "I think it's something I dreamed of doing while I was a trainee, so I don't give up easily on stage. I'm not just passionate about everything I do, but I think I also distinguish between things I want to do passionately and things I want to give up on."

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia reporter translated by google