'Idol Singles 4' current cast member Jerome ♥ Benita "I'm seriously thinking about living together... Pregnancy rumors? I'll consider it."
'Idol Singles 4' current cast member Jerome ♥ Benita "I'm seriously thinking about living together... Pregnancy rumors? I'll consider it."
'Idol Singles 4' current cast members Jerome and Benita revealed their current situation and that they are planning to live together for the second time.

Jerome and Benita, the 'real-life couple' produced by MBN's 'Idol Singles 4', revealed their thoughts after finishing the broadcast and their current situation through the production team.

Regarding her feelings after finishing ‘Idol Singles 4’, Benita said, “I am very sad. “It feels like we have returned from a dreamlike trip,” he said. “Although filming is over, it feels like our lives have reached a turning point and a new beginning.” Also, after the broadcast, the two are said to be enjoying happiness by going on a taco restaurant tour, hiking, and having small dates like other couples. Here, ‘Jerome’ revealed that he still hosts events often, bringing a happy smile.

When asked about the reactions of those around her after the broadcast, Benita said, “Everyone around me was very worried at first, but I was very grateful that they supported me more than I expected afterward,” adding, “They loved me even more, especially after we started living together. After the first day of living together, I received the most supportive messages. “I think it’s because we live together that seems the most like us,” he said of the reactions of those around him. Jerome also said afterward, “Everyone around me was worried because they thought Benita wouldn’t choose me, but they said they were happy that she did.”

Regarding the couple’s future plans, Jerome said, “I felt like our life together on ‘Idol Singles 4’ was too short. “We’ve been dating for about 6 months now, we’ve been together once, and we’re older, so I think we could live together,” he said in surprise, adding, “We haven’t decided on a specific date or plan yet, but we’re seriously thinking about living together, and there’s even talk of marriage.” revealed. Here, Benita cheerfully replied, “There have been rumors of a pregnancy going around these days that we don’t even know about, so we’re going to think about that as well.”

Also, to the next season's cast, Jerome made people laugh with his sly advice, saying, "If you like someone, don't give up and work hard until the end," and "If you try to talk to them a few days ahead like Tom, you'll be late." Benita said, “Trust the production team’s insight and go straight to find love. “We selected people with great charm, so all you have to do is show them your charm,” he said, adding, “If you act with sincerity and show your best self, even a week will be a long time to find love.” He gave warm support.

Lastly, Benita expressed her gratitude to the viewers, saying, “I was so happy that they cried and laughed with us for three months,” and “Thanks to the viewers’ interest and love, I was gifted with unforgettable memories for a lifetime.” Jerome also said, “I didn’t know I would receive this much love, but I am so grateful for supporting ‘Zenita’ and we will continue to love each other hard in the future,” and asked, “Please show a lot of love to the remaining eight singles and ‘Idol Singles 5’ as well.”

MBN's 'Doll Singles' is recruiting season 5 participants through its official website.

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