Singer Chuu successfully concludes his first solo fan-con
Singer Chuu successfully concludes his first solo fan-con
CHUU successfully completed its first solo fan-con.

Chu held 'CHUU 1ST TINY-CON 'My Palace'' at the main auditorium of Sungshin Women's University Unjeong Green Campus on the 4th and 5th. On the 5th, the last day of the performance, along with the offline performance, an online paid live broadcast was held to reach more fans from all over the world.

As the curtain rose on the performance, Chuu appeared from behind the door on the second floor. Amid the enthusiastic cheers of fans, Chuu performed as if he were performing a mono drama, came down the stairs, and entered the dark room. In a space decorated like an ensemble room, Chu played with instruments and produced a performance that felt like a scene from a play. Soon, the band session entered, and the performance opened with the band sound and the song 'My Palace' from the solo debut album, which is also the subtitle of this fan con. Chuu's lively voice and refreshing liveliness captured the eyes and ears of viewers and focused their attention.

Chuu's first solo fan concert was named 'TINY-CON', with 'TINY' meaning 'very small'. It contains the wish to communicate in a closer space by inviting the official fan club 'Coti' to a small and precious space that depicts Chuu's imagination.

On this day, Chuu arranged the songs 'Underwater', 'My Palace', 'Aliens', and 'Hitchhiker' from the new album into a band sound and presented a live performance. Fans cheered Chuu's attractive and clear voice and deepened emotions, heating up the stage. In addition, the title song 'Howl' was released in a new band version, filling the concert hall with more intense energy and unrivaled presence.

Chuu arranged and presented acoustic versions of the songs he had sung in the OST, giving new emotions. Including ‘Confession’, the OST of the movie ‘I Like You’, ‘Hello’, the OST of the web drama ‘Friendly Convenience Store’, ‘I Like It Because I Like It’, the OST of ‘Okay Sisters’, and ‘Brunch’, the OST of the webtoon ‘JoJo Comics’. Four songs were arranged to warm the hearts of fans based on Chuman's warm and delicate sensibility.

In addition, Chuu carefully told the stories he wanted to share with fans in the 'Tiny Sketchbook' corner under the theme 'Can you be my fantasy?' Also, on the 4th, 'What Coti Wants to Say to Chuu' and on the 5th, 'Tiny Live', where a few messages received from fans were selected under the theme of 'Coti's mood today', and improvised lyrics were added to the melody with the band members. presented a variety of fun.

Chu performed covers of Britney Spears' 'Toxic' and Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off'. Chuu's explosive singing ability and energy raised the excitement in the venue to its peak. As the ending song, the project's solo song 'Heart Attack', which introduced Chuu to the world for the first time, was performed in a rock version, touching the hearts of fans.

Lastly, Chuu said, “Thank you so much to Coti (official fan club name) who came to Tiny Cone today, and thank you for spending the day with me today. I will continue to take care of myself and take care of myself so that I can show you a better stage. “Thank you for allowing me to create such a touching stage.” Also, “I think the time we were able to spend together was good. I hope that every day will be a happier, more enjoyable, and loved day than mine. He expressed his sincere feelings, saying, “Thank you for coming and I love you.”

Meanwhile, Chuu successfully completed his first fan-con and will hold his first US tour '2023 CHUU <Howl> in USA'. We plan to meet fans from around the world in major cities in the United States from December 3rd to December 17th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google