Shin Ha-kyun panics when Kim Young-kwang calls
Shin Ha-kyun panics when Kim Young-kwang calls
Shin Ha-kyun of 'Biography of a Wicked Man' fell into a panic when he received a call from Kim Young-kwang.

In episode 3 of Genie TV's original drama 'Biography of the Villain', which aired on the 22nd, Han Dong-soo (played by Shin Ha-gyun) and Han Beom-jae (played by Shin Jae-ha) were depicted plotting a plan to escape from Seo Do-young (played by Kim Young-kwang). However, results that overturned Han Dong-soo's expectations continued.

Episode 3 began at the scene of Doyoung’s murder. Even after hearing Dong-soo's dissuasion that the more deaths there would be, Doyoung committed additional murders without hesitation. They also tried to deal with the witnesses, brothers Dong-su and Beom-jae. With a gun pointed at his head, Dong-su hurriedly said, “I won’t talk about today’s incident anywhere,” and persuaded Do-young to make them accomplices. So while Dong-su and Beom-jae dispose of the bodies, Do-young created an alibi. Crime situations hit the brothers who lived normally like a storm. Beomjae sat down in a situation where a person died right in front of him and the body had to be abandoned. Beom-jae trembled in fear, saying, “Brother, we’re going to hell, right?”, while Dong-su looked a mix of resignation and despair.

After a nightmarish night, Dong-su returned to reality and a wave of fear came over him. Dongsu rationalized, “We were in a situation where our lives were being threatened, and it was an inevitable choice,” and went to the police station to file a report. However, I couldn't easily lose my footing, and I felt conflicted as I looked back and forth between my family photo and the police station. When Dong-su's conscience was shaking, he received a call from Do-young.

Doyoung liked Dongsu, who was quite smart, and told Dongsu that he wanted a ‘friendship’ that would last forever. Dong-su begged, “Please let me go,” but Do-young offered to be his legal advisor and gave him a cannon phone to communicate with in the future. At the same time, Doyoung announced his release to the members of the organization and began to reorganize the organization.

When Doyoung threatened Doyoung, including his family, Dongsu decided that he should not get further involved with him. To Dong-soo, Do-young was violent and ruthless, spontaneous to the point of incomprehensibility, and devoid of courtesy to others. Not knowing what Doyoung might do, Dongsu found a way to escape from Doyoung. After reporting Doyoung's gambling den, he was tied up with all the crimes and locked up in prison. Dong-su and Beom-jae planned to kill the player first before he becomes Do-young's toy.

Dong-su pretended to accept Do-young's offer to be his legal advisor and moved to find out the location of the gambling house. The place they arrived at after moving secretly under the surveillance of gang members was an uninhabited island. The location tracker, which did not work on the sea, was useless, so Dong-su tried to contact Beom-jae using a walkie-talkie, avoiding snow. However, the radio reception was not good, and Beom-jae heard the hint of 'an island, a lighthouse, 40 minutes away by boat' and set out to find Dong-su. After many twists and turns, the siren sounded, indicating a police crackdown. After escaping from the chaotic gambling hall, Dong-su was able to swim across the sea and board the boat that Beom-jae had rescued. The brothers finally burst out laughing in joy that the operation was a success.

However, the next day, Dong-su was overcome with ominous feelings. There was no article about the crackdown on gambling establishments anywhere in the local newspapers. At that time, the cannon phone Doyoung gave me rang. It was a ringtone that should not have rang if Doyoung had been arrested. No matter how hard I tried to escape, I ended up playing in the palm of Seo Do-young’s hand. The scene of Dong-soo falling into a panic while hearing a ringtone of fear decorated the ending of episode 3, making the tension soar. It amplified curiosity heading into episode 4 about what price Dong-soo will pay and what kind of plan Do-young has.

Genie TV's original drama 'Villain Biography', which is released every Sunday and Monday, is a crime noir drama that tells the story of a subsistence lawyer who meets an absolutely evil person and is transformed into an elite villain. Episode 4 will be released on Genie TV, Genie TV Mobile, and ENA at 10 pm on the 23rd.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon
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