Netflix's 'Squid Game 2' Jo Yuri, mature look in all black
Netflix's 'Squid Game 2' Jo Yuri, mature look in all black
Singer and actor Jo Yuri, who appears in the Netflix series 'Squid Game 2', has released a new profile image.

Jo Yuri's light makeup and lightly tied hairstyle maximized her natural aura, and in the close-up cut, she showed off her flawless visuals with clear facial features. In particular, Jo Yuri, who created a mature atmosphere by wearing all black, exuded a different charm than before with deep eyes that conveyed an aura.

Jo Yuri, who released her first single 'GLASSY' in 2021, has solidified her position as a solo artist through consistent music activities such as 'Love Shhh!', 'TAXI', and 'Loveable'. . She made a mark on the public as an actor by appearing in the dramas 'Mimicus' and 'City Drunk Women 2'.

He is receiving a lot of attention after announcing the news of his appearance in season 2 of the drama 'Squid Game', which enthralled the world. Expectations are high for Jo Yuri's performance and what kind of powerful transformation she will show through 'Squid Game 2'.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google