Ryu Jun-yeol, I guess fall has come
Ryu Jun-yeol, I guess fall has come
Actor Ryu Jun-yeol's pictorial with a fashion brand was released in the September issue of Esquire.

In the pictorial, Ryu Jun-yeol attracted attention by showing off a unique atmosphere that matches the sensuous colors with an autumn mood.

Ryu Jun-yeol showed off a variety of fall stylings, starting with showing off the perfect fit as a suit craftsman and matching warm knits. In particular, he immediately caught the eye with his ability to freely switch between a leather jacket with a tough charm and an outfit with a gentle atmosphere.

In addition, Ryu Jun-yeol fully displays his mature charm with his heavy expression and eyes filled with excellence. The pictorial was completed with a chic pose and soft charisma, adding a deep sense of weight.

In an interview conducted along with the pictorial, Ryu Jun-yeol said, “These days, I want to try a wider variety of genres. In the past, I had a different genre that I liked. For example, I like watching horror films, but I didn't have a strong desire to appear in them. But now I want to try it. “I hope people will think of Ryu Jun-yeol as an actor who is not just an actor who only plays the genre he wants to do, but also an actor who is interested in everything from romantic comedies, action scenes, thrillers, and horror films,” he said, expressing his greed and passion for acting. also revealed.

Meanwhile, actor Ryu Jun-yeol proved his true worth as an actor by winning the Best Actor Award in the movie category at the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards, and announced that he will hold a fan meeting on the 23rd (Saturday) to express his gratitude to his fans. Expectations are building high.

Ryu Yae-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google