BTS V caught hair by a fan in Japan
BTS V caught hair by a fan in Japan
BTS V got his hair caught by an extreme fan.

On the 22nd, V departed for Japan to attend the Tokyo event of the French brand Celine, which is active as a global ambassador.

When V came out of the store after the Celine event, a large crowd gathered. He lowered his voice a little to the fans who were screaming with excitement and made a gesture asking them to get out of the way. The surrounding bodyguards worked hard for V's safety and moved.

While V came to the front of the car, an extreme fan was caught grabbing V's hair. V's hair was caught by a fan before he had time to resist, and a situation that could have led to injury if he did something wrong continued.

Fans who watched the video were outraged, saying, "Isn't it too much even for fans?" and "Idols are people too."

In the video of the day, as soon as he arrived at the venue, V greeted the fans with a bright smile and showed extraordinary love for the fans, such as shaking hands with several fans. As a result, fans are worried that V will shrink due to this incident.

On the other hand, V is releasing his solo album 'Layover' on September 8th, and the previously released 'Love Me Again' entered the Billboard 'Hot 100'.

Reporter Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia translated by google