Korea Music Label Industry Association, a wake-up call to the eradication of scalping tickets "a crime that abuses the minds of consumers"
Korea Music Label Industry Association, a wake-up call to the eradication of scalping tickets "a crime that abuses the minds of consumers"
The Korea Music Label Industry Association has been actively involved in the eradication of scalping tickets.

On the 11th, Yoon Dong-hwan, chairman of the Korea Music Label Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as Eumlehyeop), conducted an interview with a former official who worked as a scalper on the YouTube channel Yeontuyu TV and had an in-depth conversation about the corporateization of scalpers.

On this day, a former official revealed that after accidentally encountering a scalping job on a part-time job recruitment site, he traded tickets for popular idol performances. In particular, he told various stories about scalping, such as information about the manager who hired him, recruitment conditions, allowances, macro program types, and ticketing process.

A former official said, "I bought tickets for performances such as EXO and BTS on a macro basis." “I felt it was unconscionable and I was like, 'Why did I do this?' I regretted it,” he said, emphasizing that scalping is something that should never be done.

Chairman Yoon Dong-hwan said, “I caught a scalper, but under the current law, there was no way to punish this person, so he was rather confident.” He continued, “The performance law has been revised and it is said that tickets purchased using macros are regulated as scalping tickets, but only those who work part-time without knowing anything, not those above, are punished. In addition, it is questionable whether it will be possible to catch those who used macros one by one,” he said bitterly, saying, “A completely meaningless revision law.”

Even after the content was released, Chairman Yoon Dong-hwan once again emphasized the seriousness of scalping. Chairman Yoon Dong-hwan said, “Scaling tickets are different from 'resale' such as shoes and bags that can be bought and sold at any time. It is a limited-time product that becomes useless after a certain period of time. This is clearly a crime that abuses the minds of consumers who are weak.”

He continued, “Currently, the definition of scalping is ‘the act of receiving a higher amount of money at the entrance of a concert hall or the ferry to enter’. Therefore, scalping tickets that are traded in other places or online cannot be punished. The organizers, singers, consumers, and ticket offices all want to revise this law, which was made 50 years ago, but I wonder why the Ministry of Justice or the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism are standing by.”

On the other hand, Mmmlehyeop is helping Korea's popular music market to develop in a balanced way, and is actively working to eradicate scalping tickets by conducting a user opinion survey on 'reservations for concerts and ticket scalping' recently. In addition, by carrying out a business to act as an agent for the review of records by the three broadcasting companies free of charge, it is solving the difficulties of musicians residing in the provinces who have to visit the three public broadcasting companies in person for deliberation.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google