'Trendy Idol' Chuu, Taylor Purun selected as model... Deepwater ad on air
'Trendy Idol' Chuu, Taylor Purun selected as model... Deepwater ad on air
Taylor Farms (CEO Park Chul-beom), a health food company, has selected 'trending idol' Chu as its 2023 new brand model.

With the slogan "Empty deeply and lighten cleanly," Chuu's lively and refreshing charm was released through various channels such as TV, YouTube, and Instagram on the 9th.

Hwang Dong-ik, deputy manager of Taylor Farms' marketing team, said, "Chu, an idol with a fresh and popping charm, was selected as the model because it suits the cool and quick image of the Taylor brand, especially Taylor Deep Water, an inner-clean drink."

Taylor Deep Water, an inner clean drink, is a popular drink for those who need to relieve constipation and lose weight, and it is a popular product that has sold more than 10 million bottles.

In particular, it is popular with women in their 20s and is sold through Olive Young and online. At the Olive Young Awards, 2020, 2021, 2022, won the award for three consecutive years. It consists of four types: Deep Water Prune, Deep Water Kombucha, Deep Water Coffee, and Deep Water Plum, so you can enjoy various tastes and effects according to your taste.

To celebrate Chu model selection and commercial airing, Taylor's official mall will hold a discount event of up to 30% from June 9th to June 23rd.

Reporter Yoon Jun-ho, TenAsia translated by google