Lee Jun-ho swept the hearts of Taipei fans
Lee Jun-ho swept the hearts of Taipei fans
Lee Jun-ho is a singer and an actor, and thanks to his performance as a multitainer, he has captured the hearts of fans in Taipei and boasts immense popularity throughout Asia.

Lee Jun-ho visited Taipei on the 2nd to participate in an event hosted by global sports brand Adidas Originals. 2012 2PM concert tour 'What time is it?' Since then, he has visited Taipei for the first time in 11 years, and every step he took was greeted with great hospitality and interest from local fans. About 700 fans gathered at the airport that day, realizing Lee Jun-ho's hot popularity.

On the morning of the 4th, at the 'Adidas Originals Club' event held at the Adidas Brand Center in Taipei, thousands of fans gathered to see Lee Jun-ho. In addition, reporters from TV, newspapers, and magazines gathered together to report on Lee Jun-ho's visit to Taipei and his participation in the event. Local media said, "Lee Jun-ho, who is playing the role of salvation in the Korean drama 'King the Land', visited Taipei after 11 years and proved his strong popularity. We were also able to confirm the affection of Taipei fans for the global hit 'King the Land'." focused on reporting.

In the JTBC Saturday drama 'King the Land' (play Rom Choi (played by Tim Harimao), directed by Hyun-wook Lim, produced by Npio Entertainment, By4M Studio, SLL), Lee Jun-ho plays the role of King Group's heir and the head of the Salvation Headquarters with a rough temper, showing his unique and delicate acting skills. and led the play to success. After falling in love, he painted the world with pink excitement by portraying the multifaceted appearance of a person who not only changes warmly, but also has romance, comedy, and seriousness in three dimensions. As a result, it gained worldwide popularity by being ranked in the top 10 for 7 consecutive weeks, including 3 times in the TV (non-English) category on the Netflix Global Top 10 website. made it to the top 10. Meanwhile, ahead of the long-awaited final episode, Lee Jun-ho visited Taipei and added strength to his explosive popularity.

Previously, Lee Jun-ho thrilled local viewers with the MBC drama 'Red Sleeves', which recorded a high viewer rating of 17.4% in Korea in 2022. According to friDay, the largest local OTT platform, 'Red Sleeves' on the platform maintained its top spot for two consecutive months from December 2021 to January 2022, and also scored 4.9 points out of 5 in terms of workability, showing fun and workability. It has been praised for being a masterpiece. Lee Jun-ho, who planted a fire in the hearts of Taipei fans as a member of singer 2PM 11 years ago, succeeded in lighting a big fire in the fans' heart by hitting consecutive hit home runs in the dramas 'Red Sleeves' and 'King the Land' as time passed. He expressed his sincere gratitude, "I came to Taipei after 11 years, and I am very happy and grateful to have welcomed me."

Recently, Lee Junho is conducting a solo arena tour in Japan, 'LEE JUNHO Arena Tour 2023 "Mata Aeruhi" (The Day We Meet Again), filling the special season with more meaning. The tour, which opened on July 22nd and 23rd at Pia Arena MM in Yokohama, Japan, turned around at the Kobe World Memorial Hall single concert on August 5th and 6th. On the 26th and 27th, the finale will be held at the Nihongaishi Hall in Nagoya, and in particular, the performance on the 27th, the last day of the tour, will be broadcast live online through live viewing and be with more fans. Here, the Japanese special single "Can I" scheduled to be officially released on August 23 and the title song of the same name are presented with a hit song parade to repay Japanese fans' great love and support.

Meanwhile, in the last episode of 'King the Land', which aired on the 6th, Lee Jun-ho unraveled the tangled relationship of love, work, and family history with a happy ending, and recorded the highest viewership rating of 13.8%, reaping the beauty of the end. In addition to the global box office hit of 'King the Land', attention is focused on the future move of 'King of Hallyu' Lee Jun-ho, who is making his presence known throughout Asia by expanding his solo arena tour with a total of 6 performances in 3 cities in Japan.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google