YouTuber Dex, CEO Park Na-rae, a talented guy who makes me laugh
YouTuber Dex, CEO Park Na-rae, a talented guy who makes me laugh
The three restaurants of 'Smiling President' risked life and death in the delivery business amidst the crisis.

In the 6th episode of JTBC's entertainment program 'Smiling President', which aired on the 30th, the three restaurants risked life and death to exceed the target sales amount of 300,000 won. Restaurant Lee Kyung-kyu started cold noodles as a summer special, and two cold noodles came in from the first order.

Lee Gyeong-gyu left Naengmyeon in charge to Oking, and Oking started boiling cold noodles, noticing that he would be scolded by the president, Lee Gyeong-gyu. First of all, Oking, who boiled the noodles without loosening them, had a catastrophe in which the noodles clumped together. Eventually, he called his father, who used to run a meat restaurant, and learned the secret of boiling noodles.

Oking, who started the naengmyeon test under the direction of Lee Gyeong-gyu, once again united the noodles, and eventually the naengmyeon returned to Lee Kyung-gyu's hands, resulting in a funny situation. Taking this opportunity, Oking said, “Isn’t it time to find my place? In the end, I went back to packaging and coffee.”

On the other hand, Kangyul Restaurant did not receive orders for a long time after the business started, and Lee Gyeong-gyu, who discovered that the main menu, Arancini, was still there, began to tease him, saying, "Isn't Arancini still there?" Lee Kyung-gyu approached the production team and teased them one more time, saying, "Arancini sells well, but can it go bankrupt overnight?"

As time passed, Gangyul restaurant received the first take-out orders and delivery orders for the 'smiling boss', and even almost the entire menu came in, leaving Kangyul confused. In particular, Yoon Hyun-min forgot the recipe for a while, raising tension as to whether he could finish the meal in time. Kang Yul, who successfully completed the order thanks to the meticulous employee Yoon Park, praised Yoon Park, who has a high sense of responsibility, saying, “If I were the owner chef, I gave it as a manager.”

On the other hand, during the last sales, the Park Na-rae team suffered great confusion because the production team deducted employee meals from sales. Park Na-rae appeared with a 14-cheap table prepared by her mother and aunt for herself and the staff. Dex, whose appetite exploded, embarrassed Park Na-rae during the meal by saying, "Can I get married?"

The production team suddenly announced an additional bonus rule after the employees' meal was over. If the total sales of the last three restaurants exceed 640,000 won, cheers from the three restaurants poured out as the production team decided to go to work two hours late and prepare the ingredients for the next business.

The three restaurants participated in the chicken war to break through the target sales amount of 300,000 won each and total sales of 640,000 won because there was a soccer game during the evening business.

Originally, Park Na-rae restaurant, which did not have a chicken menu, bought chicken and made old-fashioned whole chicken with Park Narae's mother's secret, and Lee Kyung-gyu prepared fried chicken with his own recipe. Kang Yul made spicy chicken seasoning, and the three restaurants started a fierce competition for delivery.

Oking and Dex, who went to promote the flyer once more before the evening sales, turned the flyer while sweating profusely in the sweltering heat. Oking teamed up with the lady who was handing out other flyers around her, and Dex finished the frenzied promotion of the flyers by making various gestures.

Park Na-rae restaurant, which finished promoting the flyer, rang a phone call of fear that had come as a complaint, but had a big twist. The customer tried to order by phone because it was difficult to order through the app. Park Na-rae said, “The feeling comes. It's a big deal.” While expecting, the customer ordered again through the app and received an order of 100,000 won. In response, Dex said, “This order seems to have come through a flyer,” and showed an increased confidence, making viewers laugh.

In response, Dex said, “This order seems to have come through a flyer,” and showed an increased confidence, making viewers laugh.

On the other hand, Gangyul Restaurant faced a crisis when Yoon Bak, an employee at the level of manager, left work early due to personal circumstances and left the restaurant. Orders were received one after another, but Yoon Hyun-min said, "I can't do it," and had difficulties with various tasks such as packaging and delivery requests that Yoon-bak was in charge of. Veteran president Kang Yul also finished preparing the food, but missed an important point by checking the delivery reception belatedly, and felt the vacancy of Bak Yoon greatly.

After an hour of dinner business, Lee Kyung-kyu's restaurant received a large order of 70,000 won, which included two chickens, and started a chicken war without concessions. Lee Kyung-gyu restaurant, which quickly prepared food despite Oking's mistake, was delighted with the favorable reviews from customers.

It is noteworthy whether the sales of each restaurant and the combined sales of the three restaurants will be able to achieve the target amount through the chicken war.

Kim Seo-yoon, staff reporter
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