Lee Jang-won has a unique hobby.
Lee Jang-won has a unique hobby.
Peppertones Lee Jang-won reveals a unique hobby worthy of being a graduate of KAIST.

Episode 117 of Channel S's original entertainment program 'I'll Go Again' will be broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 11th. The broadcast on this day was a special feature of 'Improvised Travel after Paying Off Annual Leave', with Kim Shin-young talking with Travel Creator Shopping Center and 'Singapore, a city that's a good place to go right away', Lee Seok-hoon with Hyun Seung-seung Jang-gu talking about 'Phuket, Thailand, a crazy stress-busting party', and 'Big Star Teacher' Choi Tae-seong. Together with Baek Go-fang, we will be competing in a package travel battle under the theme of ‘Fubao Friends Invitation to Chongqing, China’. The travel friend who will decide the winner will be Peppertones' Lee Jang-won.

Lee Jang-won reveals his travel style typical of a KAIST graduate, saying, “I am the type of person who reads descriptions of nature and cultural assets that I see while traveling.” Accordingly, when Kim Shin-young summoned Choi Tae-seong, the 'human manual', saying, "You are very welcome," Choi Tae-seong was surprised by not being able to hide his expectations. In particular, when Lee Jang-won saw the introduction of over 100 coffee manuals for a premium coffee brand called the 'Hermes of the coffee world', he said, "I'm the type to read all these manuals," and repeatedly exclaimed, "This must be fun," and immediately rushed to Singapore to read the manuals. He shows his momentum and makes people laugh.

Singapore's unique course 'Cable Car Dining' was introduced and the studio was filled with admiration. Lee Jang-won, who says, “When I travel with my wife, I always visit local fine dining,” is said to have a special interest in cable car dining in Singapore. Lee Jang-won's eyes sparkle at a unique restaurant he has never experienced before, and he reveals his love for his wife, saying, "I wish I could go there with Da-hae." Accordingly, Kim Shin-young did not miss the opportunity and actively appealed the charm of cable car dining, saying, "If you take this one ride, you can see all of Singapore. You can explore Singapore in 3 days and 2 nights."

You can find out what Singapore, optimized for 'niche travel' for office workers, is like with streets with an exotic atmosphere and many famous SNS photo spots with a mix of different races, in 'Map to Go Again' on the 11th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google