Lee Jang-won revealed his affection for his wife, Bae Da-hae
Lee Jang-won revealed his affection for his wife, Bae Da-hae
While Channel S's 'Map to Go Back' is doing a special feature on 'Impromptu Travel after Paying Off Annual Leave', Peppertones Lee Jang-won becomes a laugh button with his quirky charm befitting 'human AI'.

'Map to Go Back' will air its 117th episode at 9:20 pm on the 11th. The broadcast on this day was a special feature of 'Improvised Travel after Paying Off Annual Leave', with Kim Shin-young talking with Travel Creator Shopping Center and 'Singapore, a city that's a good place to go right away', Lee Seok-hoon with Hyun Seung-seung Jang-gu talking about 'Phuket, Thailand, a crazy stress-busting party', and 'Big Star Teacher' Choi Tae-seong. Together with Baek Go-fang, we will be competing in a package travel battle under the theme of ‘Fubao Friends Invitation to Chongqing, China’. The travel friend who will decide the winner will be Peppertones' Lee Jang-won.

Lee Jang-won said, “When I travel, I bring back landscapes that serve as inspiration for music,” and showed off his ‘artist bravado’, making the studio burst into laughter. Lee Jang-won then went on to say, "You must bring an instrument with you," and finally, "If I go on a trip without a guitar, I can play guitar with an app." He showed off a 'KAIST-style' cutting-edge(?) humor code that went beyond expectations, defeating Kim Shin-young. Make them lose.

Lee Jang-won said, “Bae Da-hae is my impromptu travel mate,” and attracted attention by showing off her sweetness even in her third year of marriage. At this time, Lee Jang-won makes even Lee Seok-hoon hold his tongue with the 'Dahae Moo Sae (Dahae + Parrot, hereinafter referred to as Da Hae Moo Sae)' moment where he visits Bae Da Hae at every tourist spot. When he mentions a delicious travel restaurant, he says, "Dahae likes it, right? Extra points," and even makes a scoreboard by himself, making the MCs burst into laughter.

Attention is being paid to which place will be the place that captivated Lee Jang-won, a human AI whose name 'Bae Da-hae' is a command, and which will boast 'maximum efficiency' for office workers.

Episode 117 of Channel S's 'Map to Go Back', a world travel program that can be enjoyed while lying down, will be broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 11th. You can also watch it on Netflix.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google