Kim So-hyun became best friends with SISTAR's Dasom
Kim So-hyun became best friends with SISTAR's Dasom
tvN drama ‘Is it a Coincidence?’ Ji-on Yoon and Da-som Kim add unique fun to the romance of first love.

tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Is it a Coincidence?' scheduled to air for the first time on the 22nd. On the 9th, the agency released still cuts of Bang Jun-ho (played by Yoon Ji-on), a 'writer who wants to turn back the past' and Kim Hye-ji (played by Kim Da-som), 'Lee Hong-joo's best friend of 10 years', who dynamically fill the daily life of Lee Hong-joo (played by Kim So-hyun).

‘Is it a Coincidence?’ is a romance that summons memories of one’s first love, where a dull and clumsy first love meets ‘by chance’ after 10 years, becomes intertwined like ‘fate’, and falls in love again. Based on the Naver webtoon of the same name, the story of a nineteen-year-old boy and girl reuniting as a twenty-nine-year-old man and woman and discovering their own destiny through countless coincidences is portrayed in an exciting and pleasant way. Director Song Hyun-wook, who showed sensuous and detailed directing through 'Beauty Inside' and 'Another Oh Hae-young', and new writer Park Gro are working together to raise expectations.

Meanwhile, the released photos stimulate curiosity by showing Bang Jun-ho and Kim Hye-ji, who have a special relationship with Lee Hong-joo. The reason nineteen-year-old Lee Hong-joo became sincere in love was because of Bang Jun-ho. His novel ‘My Avant-Garde Guy’ shook the heart of nineteen-year-old Lee Hong-joo.

However, in the photo, 19-year-old Lee Hong-joo, Bang Jun-ho's number one fan, is everywhere and 29-year-old Lee Hong-joo is cynical. Bang Jun-ho's smile is cold, and I can even feel some anger in his cold change. It makes the relationship between Lee Hong-joo and Bang Jun-ho even more curious as to how Lee Hong-joo, who thought 'love' was the only way for humans to survive during his school days, ended up becoming a 'love skeptic'.

Meanwhile, the appearance of Kim Hye-ji, Lee Hong-joo's best friend for 10 years, is also interesting. When Lee Hong-joo and Kim Hye-ji still meet, they continue to chat as if they were back in their school days. Kim Hye-ji's sympathies with Lee Hong-joo's story, from the girl's reaction to the extreme mode, are more sympathizing than anyone else, making us guess that they have been friends for ten years just by looking at each other's eyes.

Ji-on Yoon plays Bang Jun-ho, a free-spirited writer who wants to turn back the past. He is a person who regrets his past choices and tries to make amends for the past. Kim Da-som plays the role of Kim Hye-ji, an English teacher at Obok High School who is sincere in love and Lee Hong-joo's best friend. Kim So-hyun said, "I am actually close with actor Yoon Ji-on. However, because of our relationship during the play, I tried to keep my distance on set and immerse myself in the character."

He also raised expectations by saying about his chemistry with Dasom Kim, "I became close friends with actress Dasom Kim even before filming. Thanks to this, I think we not only have a natural chemistry like friends, but also a close bond like an indispensable family."

tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama 'Is it a Coincidence?' will premiere on the 22nd at 8:40 PM.

Ten Asia Reporter Lee So-jeong translated by google