Shim Hyun-seop plans to propose to his girlfriend.
Shim Hyun-seop plans to propose to his girlfriend.
TV CHOSUN In the entertainment show 'Joseon's Lover', 'Pond Man' Shim Hyun-seop prepares to propose to 'Ulsan's most popular girl' after 80 days of dating.

In the pre-release video of 'Joseon's Lover', which will be aired on the 8th, Shim Hyun-seop reveals his true feelings about the proposal to the production team. When the production team asked, "Are you ready to propose?" Shim Hyun-seop said, "I'm just looking for an opportunity. I should do it when I'm in the right mood." He also revealed that he always has a ring in his bag for a proposal, saying, "Because the bullets are 'loaded'... I carry a ring in my bag all my life."

Jeong Irang, who was in the studio when he saw Shim Hyun-seop saying he was going to propose to someone he'd only been dating for 80 days, was taken aback and asked, "Why are you so hooked?" Kim Gook-jin showed disbelief even after hearing it himself, saying, “Are you going to propose?” Shim Hyun-seop, who barely held the hand of 'Ulsan's hottest girl' Younglim, but had a ring ready, made Kang Su-ji laugh by commenting, "Words really go a long way."

The scene of ‘Pond Man’ Shim Hyun-seop’s proposal was also briefly revealed. On a romantic boat on the sea, Shim Hyun-seop said to Younglim, “Give me your hand,” and then asked, “Do you like men from Ulsan or Seoul?” Younglim only smiled, but Shim Hyeonseop's expression was more serious than anyone else's, creating tension. Shim Hyun-seop's proposal after 80 days of dating will be revealed on this broadcast.

‘Joseon’s Lover’ airs every Monday at 10 PM on TV CHOSUN.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google