Jeon Hye-bin is pregnant with her sixth child
Jeon Hye-bin is pregnant with her sixth child
‘I Hate Pork Cutlet’ brought both laughter and emotion to the people of Onghwa Village with its peaceful ending.

MBC's two-part short drama 'I Hate Pork Cutlet' ended with episode 2, which aired on the 6th. It received positive responses such as 'It feels like watching a well-made rural sitcom' and 'I was healed while laughing at Jeong Sang-hoon's village comedy', becoming another work that continues the reputation of the winner of the MBC Script Contest. The viewer rating for the second episode (based on Nielsen Korea) was 3.3% nationwide, 3.2% in the metropolitan area, and 1.1% for the 2049 target. The highest viewer rating per minute was 3.8%.

Episode 2 began with King Jeongja (played by Jeong Sang-hoon) and the people of Onghwa Village looking for Baekgu, the missing Casanova dog. King Jeongja, who wanted to keep the village head position, and Deoksam (played by Lee Jung-ok), who wanted to take it away, competed with each other with a pledge that "the person who finds Baekgu first will become the next village head." In the meantime, Baekgu gave birth to cubs, and people were convinced that Baekgu was still in the village. To lure Baekgu, pork cutlet, Baekgu's favorite food, was used. People were sick of the smell of fried pork cutlets and were disgusted, saying, “Let’s catch them before they catch Baekgu.”

While the village is in chaos, the identity of the criminal hiding Baek-gu is revealed. It was Bok-cheol (played by Jordan). Bok-cheol took care of Baek-gu with utmost care, taking care of his own meals, but he was eventually discovered by King Jeong-ja. Bok-cheol felt sorry for Baek-gu, who was about to undergo neutering surgery, so he hid it from his young heart. King Jeongja decided to stop looking for Baekgu when Bokcheol said, "The dog must be in so much pain. He can't even talk." The two developed a camaraderie while undergoing vasectomy and circumcision, and became closer by sharing the secret of hiding their white cheeks.
Jeon Hye-bin is pregnant with her sixth child
Jeon Hye-bin is pregnant with her sixth child
In the midst of all this, something like lightning happened. His wife Lim Lim-ae (played by Jeon Hye-bin), who was nauseous and showing unusual energy, became pregnant with their sixth child. King Jeongja had a mental breakdown, saying, “I was definitely tied up.” The whole pregnancy commotion was due to the sperm remaining in King Jeongja's body, and it was King Jeongja's mistake of not seeing the nurse's text message. Although it was an unplanned pregnancy, King Jeongja heard good news. After five sons, I finally had the daughter I had longed for.

As a result, while a village feast was held to celebrate the pregnancy, a white gu disguised as a black gu was discovered. Previously, Bok-cheol transformed White Goo into Black Goo using his grandmother's hair dye, which Deok-sam found. To prove that Heuk-gu was Baek-gu, Deok-sam called Heuk-gu's name and offered him his favorite pork cutlet, but Baek-gu acted like an actor and did not respond. In the end, King Jeongja, who replaced Baekgu, appeared on 'Oh My God' as a true virility king and proved that he became a father of 6 children after eating Onghwa yam, which is good for virility. King Jeongja showed extraordinary pride, saying, “After all the frying and frying, Jeongja lived. Is this normal?”

The conversation scene between the grandmother and the villagers, who pretended not to know Baekgu's truth until the end, was the best minute and recorded the highest viewership rating of 3.8% per minute. The sight of people coming together to support Bok-cheol, who must have been going through a lot of hardship, was heartwarming. In the cookie video released at the end of the broadcast, the cute appearance of Bok-cheol, who trains Baek-gu not to eat pork cutlet and dreams of committing the perfect crime(?), and the big picture plan of Chun-shim, who buys hair dye at a pet shop after knowing Bok-cheol's feelings, are revealed as a twist. It added to the emotion.

'I Hate Pork Cutlet', which left behind a pleasant laugh and a warm feeling, proved its worth as the best short story in the MBC Script Contest by presenting a short but bold drama with high quality. The story, which started with a vasectomy and made us laugh without letting down our guard, left a lasting impression by depicting the affection that can be shared between children and adults, people and animals. The cross-generational friendship between Chun-shim and Bok-cheol, King Jeong-ja and Bok-cheol, who regard Baek-gu as family, and the people of Onghwa Village were portrayed in an affectionate and loving way. There was also great synergy between writer Noh Noh-ri, a former entertainment writer who wrote the script with sharp dialogue and unique ideas, and director Kim Young-jae, whose directing skills made it shine even more.

MBC's two-part short drama 'I Hate Pork Cutlet' is a messy human comedy drama in which the village head, who took the lead in neutering 'Baekgu', the Casanova dog of Onghwa Village, suddenly ends up in the same situation as 'Baekgu' when he undergoes a vasectomy overnight. .

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google