Enhyphen revealed their daily life
Enhyphen revealed their daily life
Enhyphen revealed their daily life.

A day in the life of global idol Enhyphen unfolded in episode 306 of MBC's entertainment program ''Omniscient Interfering View', which aired on the 6th.

As soon as Enhypen arrived in Korea, they went straight to the rehearsal site for the ‘2024 Weversecon Festival’. Unlike their charismatic on-stage appearance, Enhyphen showed off their comfortable and pleasant daily life off stage, playing games together. Enhypen then conducted a new song challenge with 5th generation representative idols BOYNEXTDOOR and TWS.

Enhypen, which began full-scale rehearsals, professionally prepared a joint stage with Jinyoung Park and producer Bang Si-hyuk, who was a special guest. After the rehearsal ended, Enhypen had a musical communication time with producer Bang Si-hyuk, who visited the waiting room.

On this day's broadcast, Enhyphen's accommodation was also revealed for the first time. Sunwoo is filled with various nutritional supplements and cosmetics, Heeseung has as many as eight keyboards, Jay is decorated with guitars and turntables and has a strong rock star vibe, and Sunghoon is as clean as a hotel in black and white. The members' various tastes are displayed in the room. It was contained intact.

The members gathered together after unpacking and had a late-night snack. Enhyphen, who was showing off a storm of food such as pig's feet and chicken, asked the manager, "Don't you miss your wife these days?" The members were all surprised by the manager's answer that, despite being newlyweds, they only rested at home three times a month due to each member's busy overseas schedule. Afterwards, Enhyphen and the manager even held a discussion on MBTI over-immersion to share tendencies. Except for Sunwoo, all the members and the manager had T tendencies, and Sunwoo, who showed F tendencies differently from the other members, showed off his extraordinary ability to empathize(?) and ended the day with a friendly talk.

The next day, Enhypen appeared on the main stage of the ‘2024 Weversecon Festival’. Enhyphen, a ‘genius in his day job’, showed off his unique charm with a live performance of the refreshing ‘Polaroid Love’ band.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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