Ahn Jung-hwan ♥ Lee Hye-won, their relationship is on the rocks.
Ahn Jung-hwan ♥ Lee Hye-won, their relationship is on the rocks.
Broadcaster Lee Hye-won said she does not want to marry her husband Ahn Jung-hwan again.

In the 41st episode of Channel A's 'Family Beyond the Line', which aired on the 5th, 4 MCs Ahn Jung-hwan, Lee Hye-won, Yoo Se-yoon and Song Jin-woo, along with 'American representative' Chris, 'German representative' Florian, and 'French representative' Fabian were in the studio, enjoying beach life. Stories of a variety of families were depicted, from dream-inspiring activities in Hawaii, to a trip to Germany's 'Romantic Road' with fairytale-like scenery, to a romantic small wedding in France.

First, Park Jeong-eun and Jack's family from Hawaii, USA, appeared and introduced underwater activities that can be enjoyed in Hawaii in the summer. Park Jeong-eun's family, who visited Waimea Beach on this day, explained, "In the summer, the waves are calm, making it good for playing in the water with children, and in the winter, waves up to 9 meters high make it a hot spot for surfers." In fact, the ‘Surfing Super Bowl’ Triple Crown of Surfing competition is held here.
Ahn Jung-hwan ♥ Lee Hye-won, their relationship is on the rocks.
Ahn Jung-hwan ♥ Lee Hye-won, their relationship is on the rocks.
In addition to surfing, underwater scooters where you can interact with fish, and helicopter tours where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of Hawaii from above are also popular, and the Park Jeong-eun and Jack family rode underwater scooters down to a depth of 3 meters and were astonished by meeting turtles. However, Ahn Jung-hwan made everyone burst into laughter by sharing a story from his past experience, saying, “It really hurts when you get hit in the face by that front paw.” Subsequently, the Park Jeong-eun

Following a dynamic tour in the United States, the 'Romantic Road' travel story of couple Bae Eun-ji The 'Romantic Road', the most famous of Germany's seven major roads, connects 28 small towns with a medieval atmosphere. The starting point, Wurzburg, attracts attention with the world's largest ceiling mural and a palace with architectural styles spanning Portugal and France. Got it. In particular, when Napoleon introduced the palace as “He called it the most beautiful palace in Europe,” Florian was proud and said, “Thank you,” but Fabien replied, “Napoleon is good at lying,” and continued to play tiki-taka with Florian.

Next, the Bae Eun-ji The parade commemorating the day Plönrhein, a famous photo spot, became an autonomous city directly under the emperor also stimulated the interest of MCs. Meanwhile, an anecdote is also introduced that when Count Tilly, who occupied Rothenburg during the 30 Years' War, declared, "I will stop plundering and destroying the city if anyone drinks 3.2L of wine," Georg Nusch, who was mayor at the time, defended the city with a shot of wine. done. Everyone was surprised by this, but Ahn Jung-hwan made people laugh by giving a realistic warning (?), “You should not drink too much.”

A mukbang featuring Germany's representative dessert Schneewallenga and Spägel (white asparagus), a German vegetable dish, was also held. Florian explained, “German Schneeballen is soft and moist, unlike Schneeballen sold in Korea. In German, it is pronounced ‘schnival’, and the pronunciation is also different.” In response, Chris cautioned, “You have to be careful with your pronunciation,” and Hyewon Lee added, “I feel bad for some reason,” making the audience burst into laughter. Immediately after, Fabian recalled the memories of filming a Schneeballen commercial in Korea 10 years ago and jokingly said, “I’m glad Florian wasn’t there at that time.” Yoo Se-yoon immediately encouraged Florian to “film a baguette commercial,” making the scene burst into laughter.

Lastly, the exciting wedding preparation process of Seo Yeo-jin and Benjamin couple was revealed. Seo Yeo-jin explained, “Unlike Korea, in France, people prepare their own bouquets, flowers to decorate the party, and the bride’s dress.” In particular, she was particularly touched when she said that her father-in-law had personally made the veil for the wedding. When Lee Hye-won saw this, she asked her husband, “Can you make it for your daughter-in-law later?” Ahn Jung-hwan said, “I have no dexterity. “It’s something you wear once in your life, so what if you ruin it?” he said, waving his hands. Song Jin-woo suggested an effective solution(?) and mediated amicably between the two, saying, “But don’t you have a knack for giving envelopes of money?”

Meanwhile, 'groom-to-be' Benjamin attracted attention by covering his eyes at home, saying, "In France, there is a superstition that looking at the bride's dress before the wedding will make you unhappy." In response, Ahn Jung-hwan compared, “In Korea, when they go to choose a wedding dress, (the grooms-to-be) look at everything,” and mentioned the Korean marriage culture (?) where people fight at wedding shops. Fabian nodded, “Ah, that’s when things started to go wrong,” and devastated the studio.

When the wedding day finally arrived, Seo Yeo-jin and Benjamin dressed up in their wedding attire and headed to City Hall. Immediately after, Seo Yeo-jin explained, “There is no separate wedding hall culture in France, so the wedding is held at the city hall at the same time as the marriage registration.” Instead, for the second part of the wedding, people stay up all night or enjoy a grand party for up to two days, and in many cases, they even rent a castle for the wedding. Fabien said, “You might misunderstand that having a wedding in a castle would cost a lot of money, but there are so many castles in France that the rental fee is surprisingly not expensive. “The wedding cost is about half of what it costs in Korea,” he said.

Song Jin-woo, who caught a glimpse of a French wedding with a different charm from Korea, asked Ahn Jung-hwan and Lee Hye-won, “What kind of wedding would you like to have when you go back?” Hyewon Lee answered, “I want to have a small wedding outdoors,” and Ahn Jung-hwan agreed, saying, “I like it.” Then Lee Hye-won gave an unexpected response, saying, “Do you really have to do this with this person?”, making Ahn Jung-hwan sullen. Hyewon Lee cleared things up by saying, “Just kidding.”

Channel A's 'Family Beyond the Line' airs every Friday at 9:40 p.m.

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