Chem Chem Man "Business profit alone is 4.9 billion won... My wife does it all."
Chem Chem Man "Business profit alone is 4.9 billion won... My wife does it all."
‘Calm Man (pen name Lee Mal-nyeon)’, a webtoon writer and creator with 2.5 million subscribers, discloses his business profits.

In 'Detectives' Trade Secrets', which will be broadcast on Monday, July 1, the corner 'Case Note - Exit', which reconstructs the detectives' true stories, will be revealed. In this story, a husband appears who started an ambitious startup by raising debt in the name of his wife's family. In response, Kim Poong said, “Calm Man also starts a startup with his wife.” ‘Dopamine Detective’ Defcon threw bait to Calm Man, saying, “Do you trust your wife?”

However, the calm man skillfully escaped, saying, "My wife does almost everything. I don't know anything." Defconn pretended to sense something suspicious by saying, "Wait a minute... then this..." and started teasing Chae Man Man. The stimulated calm man laughed excitedly, saying, “You’re trying to be unlucky!” Then, Defconn said, "Even if you don't know too much, you'll be in trouble," and threw a curse word (?), causing Chasm Man to fall.

Next, Defconn asked another unexpected question, saying, "I saw in the article that the company generated sales of 4.9 billion won after its establishment. Is that true?" Calm Man surprised people by cheerfully admitting, “As far as I know, it seems to be correct.”

And in the 'Case Notebook', the husband said, "The startup has failed" and suggested a 'fake divorce' to avoid passing on the debt to his wife. However, contrary to her husband's claims that he was busy paying off his debts in Busan, a friend reported that he had been seen at a luxury restaurant in Gangnam with another woman. A friend even testified, "It seemed like he was close with the chef. He seemed like a regular."

‘Detectives’ Trade Secrets’ will be broadcast on Channel A on Monday, July 1st at 9:30 p.m.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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