INFINITE's Lee Seong-yeol will appear in KBS' weekend drama 'Iron Family'
INFINITE's Lee Seong-yeol will appear in KBS' weekend drama 'Iron Family'
Infinite member and actor Lee Seong-yeol will appear in KBS2's new weekend drama 'Iron Family'.

As a result of Ten Asia's coverage on the 24th, Lee Seong-yeol was cast in 'Iron Family' (written by Seo Sook-hyang, directed by Seong Jun-hae), which is scheduled to air in September.

'Iron Family' is a work that tells the story of three generations of the Clean Laundry family. It is a family black comedy in which wrinkles are smoothed out with money earned by chance, and the family has hope that they can iron out their dreams instead of wrinkles. It will be aired as a follow-up to ‘Beautiful Women and Pure Men’ and will consist of 36 episodes.

This is Lee Seong-yeol's first attempt at a weekend drama on KBS2. Lee Seong-yeol played the role of Choi Hyeong-cheol, an inspector at Cheonglim Police Station, in 'Iron Family'. He is a talented person who graduated from the police academy, but his father is a professor, his mother is a painter, his older brother is a prosecutor, and his older sister is a doctor. I am dissatisfied with being treated as the worst child at home. However, he is a proud person as a police officer. Also, in the play, Choi Hyeong-cheol falls in love with a fellow female police officer at the police station.

'Iron Family' was written by Seo Sook-hyang, who wrote the dramas 'Pasta', 'Jealousy Incarnate', and 'Greasy Melodrama'. Producer Seong Jun-hae of ‘High School Love On’, ‘Seoul, Please Take Care of Me’, ‘No matter what anyone says’, and ‘Ewrachacha My Life’ was in charge of directing. In addition to Lee Seong-yeol, it was previously reported that actors Kim Jung-hyun, Keum Sae-rok, Choi Tae-jun, and Yang Hye-ji will appear. In this way, 'Iron Family' plans to approach viewers as a 'younger' weekend drama by putting actors in their 20s and 30s at the forefront.

Lee Seong-yeol debuted as a member of Infinite on June 9, 2010. His filmography includes the dramas 'While You Were Sleeping', 'High School Love On', 'D-Day', 'I Hate You, But I Love You', 'Numbers: Watchers of the Building Forest', and the movie '0.0 MHz'. His stage acting experience is also increasing, including in the plays ‘When I See a Rainbow in the Wide Sky, My Heart Dances’, ‘Land of Dreams’, and the musical ‘Return’.

Infinite activities resumed last year. They released their 7th mini album '13egin' in July last year. This was Infinite's complete album released over 5 years after their 3rd regular album 'TOP SEED' released in 2018.

This year, he continues his activities as a member of Infinite. Infinite released their new digital single 'Flower' on June 9, their 14th debut anniversary. On July 13th and 14th, Infinite's full fan meeting 'Infinite Rally Ⅳ' will be held. The venue for the performance is Jamsil Indoor Stadium, the same as the ‘Infinite Rally Ⅲ’ that was last held in March 2017.

Lee Seong-yeol plans to continue his career as an actor and singer in the second half of this year.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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