Song Chang-sik revealed that his wife was a former CIA flight attendant.
Song Chang-sik revealed that his wife was a former CIA flight attendant.
Song Chang-sik's daily life will be revealed for the first time on tvN STORY 'Now, This Moment'.

Song Chang-sik, a representative figure of emotional and lyrical folk music, appears in episode 3 of tvN STORY's 'Now, This Moment' on the 20th, revealing the extraordinary daily life at the mansion for the first time on air and sharing the behind-the-scenes stories of famous songs that no one knew about. The third 'Living Legend' Song Chang-sik, long-time singer Yang Hee-eun, Korea's best guitarist Ham Chun-ho, special guest singer Ahn Ye-eun, and even a special guest who came secretly appear to tell touching performances and colorful stories.

Song Chang-sik, who wakes up at 7 p.m., starts the day with an unusual movement of spinning in place and displays unpredictable charms, such as eating skate for his first meal. However, for Song Chang-sik's grandsons, who are shown for the first time on the air, he transforms into an infallible 'grandson idiot' and adds warmth to his appearance as a warm grandfather. Baek Ji-young and Kim Min-seok, who arrived at Song Chang-sik's house, asked Song Chang-sik why day and night changed, and he said, "In the past, during the curfew, the quiet time from 12 AM to 4 AM was the most optimal time to write songs," and said that it was a lifestyle pattern that got used to working on songs in the early morning. I confess. Song Chang-sik then introduces his unusual daily life, including revealing expensive guitars worth 10 million won each, and then moves to his musical hometown with Baek Ji-young and Kim Min-seok to return to that moment. The place we arrived at together was the Jangchung-dong studio, which boasts a long history and is the place where we recorded the first Twinfolio album with Hyungju Yoon about 56 years ago. Song Chang-sik is thrilled by this welcoming place, saying, “It’s a place I have a lot of special affection for, where I discussed lyrics and recorded with Hyung-joo Yoon.”

Song Chang-sik reminisces about his first meeting with his close friend, singer Yang Hee-eun, with whom he shared many moments. Song Chang-sik, who was active in Twinfolio, and Yang Hee-eun, who was a high school student at the time, met as seniors and juniors in school in 1968 and became musical colleagues today. In particular, Song Chang-sik gives high praise to Yang Hee-eun, who was exceptional from the first meeting, saying, "Even though she is only a second year in high school, she sings so well and confidently," and "She still doesn't have a voice like that." Yang Hee-eun also raises interest in the background by revealing the story of how she was able to debut in the music industry thanks to Song Chang-sik, the moment she sang children's songs and passed the audition, and the moments when Song Chang-sik remained loyal to Yang Hee-eun when he was the busiest.

Song Chang-sik remembers the time in 1967 when he left home alone in poor circumstances and was living on the streets due to the hardships of making a living. Before working in 'Cesibong', Song Chang-sik worked as a security guard at a construction site at night and pretended to be a college student during the day and sang at the campus complex. He even earned the title 'Hongdae's specialty' at the time due to his genius musical ability. Then one day, she confesses that her life changed completely when she met a nobleman who had previously worked at 'Sesibong'. Song Chang-sik, who worked at 'Cesi Bon', reveals the secret story behind the song 'Wedding Cake', including the background of being proposed to form a group with the name 'Cesi Bon' by the president at the time and the behind-the-scenes story of forming the Twin Folio group with Yoon Hyeong-ju. In particular, regarding Twinfolio's activity period of less than two years, Song Chang-sik said, "I felt betrayed," and honestly expressed how he felt when the group suddenly disbanded, drawing everyone's attention.

Song Chang-sik also tells the full love story with his current wife for the first time. My wife, who was a flight attendant on a U.S. intelligence plane, says that in the 1970s, when a bank teller's monthly salary was 20,000 won, her monthly salary was 500,000 won, and that she was "a person from a completely different society than I was at the time." The movie-like story of how two very different people became a couple and how a love song written by Song Chang-sik in prison as a love letter he shared with his wife across a glass window became a hit song is surprising to everyone. There is also an anecdote about how Song Chang-sik, who succeeded as a solo singer, watched the US military broadcasting channel and cried for three days after enlisting. This incident, which was a turning point in Song Chang-sik's musical style, resulted in the creation of a masterpiece that is still loved by the public. In particular, hidden stories, such as a song written with the mindset of "I will become a singer similar to Nam Jin and Na Hoon-ah" and a song written for the most popular female singer of the time, are revealed, raising curiosity about the story behind the famous song.

In addition, the duet performance of Song Chang-sik and Yang Hee-eun, which touched the hearts of the three MCs, Yoon Jong-shin, Baek Ji-young, and Kim Min-seok, and even Yang Hee-eun, and the performance of junior singer Ahn Ye-eun, are expected to provide the most touching and thrilling performance that is difficult to see anywhere else. Raise expectations.

'Now, This Moment', which will increase viewers' immersion through an authentic story, including Song Chang-sik's moment and a performance that conveys deep resonance, will be broadcast for the first time on tvN STORY at 8:20 pm on the 20th and at 6 pm on the 7th. It airs on tvN in 40 minutes.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google