Drama 'Crash' surpasses 6% viewership rating
Drama 'Crash' surpasses 6% viewership rating
ENA's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Crash' TCI succeeded in arresting Ki-dung Kang through a rabbit-herding operation completed through strong teamwork, breaking its own record for highest viewer ratings once again.

The viewer rating for the 10th episode of ENA's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Crash', which aired on the 11th (provided by Nielsen Korea), was 6.3% nationwide and 6.6% in the metropolitan area, and the highest viewership rating in Bundang in the metropolitan area rose to 7.2%. On this day's broadcast, Seoul Commissioner Heo Jeong-do's kidnapping ending raised tension, raising expectations about what kind of end the final villain father and son will face in the remaining two episodes until the final episode.
Drama 'Crash' surpasses 6% viewership rating
Drama 'Crash' surpasses 6% viewership rating
In episode 10 of 'Crash', the story of Kim Hyun-min (Kim Dae-ho), a National Forensic Service analyst who shook the home theater with a shocking twist, was revealed. Kim Hyun-min lost his wife Lee Hyun-soo and their unborn child in a car accident 10 years ago. Afterwards, he faked his death while receiving treatment in the United States, changed his identity, and became a researcher at the National Forensic Service, but he had not planned a revenge plot from the beginning. I accidentally found my wife's report on the crime in the data storage room, and was shocked and heartbroken when I learned that the real culprit was someone else. While working at the National Forensic Service, he witnessed criminals easily eluding the law and decided to take them down with his own hands.

Cha Yeon-ho (Lee Min-ki), head of the Traffic Crime Investigation Team (TCI), was questioning the fact that the printing pattern of the mysterious threatening letters received from people involved in a traffic accident 10 years ago was the same as that in the National Forensic Service data, and that Kim Hyun-min also had leg problems. , confirmed that Lee Hyun-soo's husband, Kim Min-seong, returned to Korea a year and a half ago. Only then was the puzzle put together that Kim Hyun-min was using the black car to avenge his wife. Cha Yeon-ho visited him alone and persuaded him to surrender, asking for forgiveness for his past. However, Kim Hyun-min ran away, saying he would take care of Pyeong-wook (Kang Gi-dung) with his own hands.

While Cha Yeon-ho chased after him, dozens of vehicles followed, including Lee Tae-joo (Oh Eui-sik) and his team members, who discovered the identity of the culprit, and the subordinates of Chairman Yang Seok-chan (Lee Yu-jun), who joined hands with Myeong-wook Myeong-wook and set out to avenge his son. At that time, TCI team leader Jeong Chae-man (Heo Seong-tae) gave the signal, “Start.” All of this was TCI's 'rabbit herding' operation that took advantage of the fact that before the chase, they persuaded Kim Hyun-min to the end and led him to Namgangseo, and that he agreed to meet with Myeon Myeong-wook, who had threatened him with a recorded confession of Han Kyung-soo (Han Sang-jo).

The person who ran at the forefront of Kim Hyun-min's black car was none other than ace class leader Min So-hee (Kwak Sun-young). Before the chase, Cha Yeon-ho, who had received the necessary driving skills training from her, came forward as a decoy. Behind, Woo Dong-gi (Lee Ho-cheol)'s truck and Eo Hyeon-gyeong (Moon Hee)'s motorcycle blocked all escape routes. TCI succeeded in driving them to the barricade where the police were waiting and arresting them for attempted murder and reckless driving.

TCI did not stop here, but headed to Yang Seok-chan's villa where Myeong-wook Park was. Following the car chase, TCI once again faced off against Yang Seok-chan's minions. The famous 'Action Sisters' Min So-hee and Eo Hyeon-kyung took down a group of gangsters one by one, and Cha Yeon-ho, who properly used police arrest techniques, and Woo Dong-gi, who pushed with his size, joined forces and succeeded in arresting Pyo Myeong-wook and Yang Seok-chan. It was a victory for TCI.

However, Myeong-wook endured with a nonchalant attitude until the end. Regarding Han Kyung-soo's video, his lawyer put forward the 'law of exclusion of confession', which states that statements made under coercion are not effective as evidence, and his father, Myeonghyeong-hak (Heo Jeong-do), hatched a plan to turn the charge of abetting Kim Hyun-min's murder into Yang Seok-chan's sole crime. If I'm not careful, I might have to release Myeongyeonwook again. The only way was to find Han Kyung-soo and bring him to court directly. In order to prevent this, Lee Tae-ju also interfered with TCI's investigation and tried hard to find Han Kyung-soo, but TCI was one step faster this time. It was a moment when Woo Dong-ki's wit, who backed up the black box of Kim Hyun-min's car just in case, shined.

With Han Kyung-soo’s appearance on the mound, the atmosphere turned 180 degrees. Here, a reporter who helped with the TCI investigation added a wedge. At Cha Yeon-ho's request, they used all the data they had and released an anonymous expose video called '(Seoul Commissioner) The Ugly Truth About the Rich Man Myeong-hak Pyeong-hak.' When public opinion turned unfavorable, Myeonghyo-hak mercilessly cut off the tail of his son, Myeong-wook Myeong-wook. We prepared a press conference to change public opinion by creating a frame that said, "An immature son committed an unexpected act while mentally and physically weak, and he is an unscrupulous father who failed to educate his children."

However, the shadow of betrayal also fell over Pyeongyeonghak. Lee Tae-ju, who had been loyal to him, ignored his contact and meaningfully took out the USB. As curiosity grew about what kind of cards Lee Tae-joo, who has a desire for success, had, at the end of the day's broadcast, Myeonghyo-hak was kidnapped. The culprit was Lee Hyeon-soo's father, Lee Jeong-seop (Ha Seong-gwang). Perhaps the son-in-law was trying to end his unfinished revenge, but the atmosphere before the storm was heightened.

'Crash', which has only two episodes left until the end, will be broadcast on ENA at 10 PM on Mondays and Tuesdays next week, and will also be released simultaneously on Genie TV and Genie TV Mobile.

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