SES Bada revealed her husband, who is 11 years younger than her, for the first time
SES Bada revealed her husband, who is 11 years younger than her, for the first time
Jang Dong-min and his 22-month-old daughter Jiwoo left a strong first impression from their first appearance on KBS2's 'The Return of Superman' as a father and daughter with all the triple DNA of visuals, genius, and sense of humor. Bada revealed her husband, who is 11 years younger than her, for the first time on air.

Episode 529 of ‘Shoodol’, which aired on the 9th, was ‘Childcare? That's it~ It was just decorated as an 'ordinary' episode. Among these, Jang Dong-min and Ji-woo's father and daughter appeared for the first time. Bada and Lua brought pleasant laughter with the energetic daily life of a 'Power E' mother and daughter.
SES Bada revealed her husband, who is 11 years younger than her, for the first time
SES Bada revealed her husband, who is 11 years younger than her, for the first time
‘Father of two’ Jang Dong-min said, “Everyone watches and learns. “I’ll tell you a lesson,” he said, confidently voting for the superman of ‘Superman’. Jang Dong-min took care of 2-month-old Si-woo throughout the morning and then prepared breakfast for his daughter Ji-woo, showing off the unexpected charm of a loving father that had never been seen before. In particular, during the meal, Jiwoo transformed into 'Baby Charlie Chaplin' by sticking the seaweed she was eating into her philtrum, saying "Dad, let's dress up~". Jang Dong-min also completed the bungeoppang visual by attaching seaweed to the philtrum along with his daughter Ji-woo.

Jiwoo was surprised by her DNA, which resembled Jang Dong-min's, from her eyes to the smiling corners of her mouth, as well as her sense of humor. Even Jang Dong-min was surprised by his daughter’s extraordinary talent, saying, “I am often surprised by the power of DNA.” Jiwoo guessed the names of all the animals in the picture on the card drawn by her father, Jang Dong-min. When Jang Dong-min asked, “Where is your hand?” he surprised the viewers by holding out his hand. Jiwoo proved to be the daughter of Genius Jang Dong-min with her language skills, including English expressions for body parts such as “nose, elbow, knee.”

Jang Dong-min showed off his versatility as a father by attaching LED lights to an ordinary mirror to create a princess mirror for Ji-woo and trying to make handmade black bean noodles. As Jiwoo's father, Jang Dong-min, struggled with the increasingly hard and tough dough, she comforted him by patting him on the shoulder and saying, "It's okay." In response to his daughter's consolation, Jang Dong-min exclaimed, “Daddy never fails,” and after repeated efforts, he completed the jjajangmyeon. Jang Dong-min said, “Ji-woo has never been in trouble and is a warm daughter who knows how to comfort her father. “I want to become a father who works harder every time that happens,” he said, expressing his love for his daughter.

Bada and Lua mother and daughter danced to the music of 'Tours' from 9 a.m., raising the tension that made the whole house shake. Then, in response to mother Bada's question, “Lua, what should we play today?” 5-year-old Lua immediately shouted “Highlight” and surprised the audience by selecting a song by the rock band ‘Touched’ rather than a children’s song. Rua turned her living room into a rock festival scene with her explosive energy that rivaled her mother Bada with her headbanging performance and singing skills. Afterwards, Rua showed off her various charms by showing her cute side as 'Lua Princess', picking tomatoes and arugula directly from the rooftop garden for breakfast ingredients.

On this day's broadcast, Bada's husband, who is 11 years younger than her, was revealed for the first time. The studio was filled with admiration for Bada's husband's handsome appearance, saying things like, "He's so cool, why didn't he reveal it to the public until now?" and "He looks like actor Lee Jeong-jin."

About their first meeting, Bada's husband said, “When I first saw my wife, a bell rang. “I also wondered what this was,” he said, referring to the fateful meeting. Bada said, “Even after hearing his confession, it didn’t strike me as realistic,” and added, “If I had known about his current tendencies, I wouldn’t have rejected him at all and started dating him.”

Bada confessed, “I was afraid of marriage back then.” Also, “I was afraid of marriage. It was the same with giving birth to a baby. “Isn’t it normal to take responsibility for one’s life?” “I was confident that I would do the best,” Bada’s husband recalled.

Bada said, “I have also dated guys who have helicopters. I was SES, wasn’t I? I met some cool guys. I deliberately asked my husband, 'Do you have a helicopter?', 'Are you royal?' I said that to cut him off. He said something that made me feel like he was grabbing me by the collar. He said, ‘Seonghee, if you let go of your greed just a little, you can meet a man like me and live happily.’ “At that time, I thought I should meet him for the first time.”

Bada said, “(During my dating days), the words of not forgetting to love each other and fighting nicely even when we fight resonated with me,” and continued to show off her sweet love, saying, “My husband is like a prince on a white horse to me.” Additionally, mother and daughter Bada and Lua even took over the local playground with the energy and excitement typical of a 'Power E' mother and daughter.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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