Go Kyung-pyo proposed to Kang Han-na in 'No Secrets'
Go Kyung-pyo proposed to Kang Han-na in 'No Secrets'
‘There are no secrets’ Go Kyung-pyo proposed to Kang Han-na.

In the final episode of JTBC's Wednesday-Thursday drama 'No Secrets', which aired on the 6th, all characters wrote happy final stories. Song Ki-baek (Go Kyeong-pyo), who realized that his true dream and happiness was to tell the world the truth and show his sincerity through a series of events that occurred after being struck by lightning, conducted 'Field News' to convey all the small but honest news of life on the daily life front. On Woo-joo (Kang Han-na), who was finally confirmed to be part of the new project 'Heart Laundromat', formed a team again with Chae-yeon (Kim Sae-byeok), Lee Ha-young (Lee Bom-sori), Seong In-na (Patricia), and Lee Min-gu (Lee Min-gu). Now that Woo-joo knows how to say, “It’s not okay,” he has learned how to lean on his mother, On Bok-ja (Baek Joo-hee), and honestly confess his feelings to his teammates. Ki Baek and Woo Joo decorated the romantic ending with a proposal, promising to reveal all their true feelings in front of their loved ones without any secrets in the future.
Go Kyung-pyo proposed to Kang Han-na in 'No Secrets'
Go Kyung-pyo proposed to Kang Han-na in 'No Secrets'
Kim Jeong-heon (Joo Jong-hyuk), who suffered panic while doing his favorite job and left for a short winter hibernation, welcomed a warm and cozy spring by confirming his appearance in Wooju's 'Heart Laundromat'. Na Yoo-jeong (Kang Ae-sim), a spirited mother who was unconscious due to an accident, woke up from a good night's sleep and gave her family the happiest tears in the world, and had a happy day attending a singing class that her son had taken. Dad Song In-su (Shin Jeong-geun), who was active in the 'Glorious Beethoven', opened boxing classes at the gym run by his second son Song Woon-baek (Hwang Seong-bin). Unbaek formed a pink love line with Chaeyeon with the help of Guwon (Park Jae-jun). Bokja was filled with happiness as she decided to propose to her first love, Kim Young-won (Hong Seo-jun). Ji-hoo Yoon (Gyu-pil Go), a spirited senior, has entered the second chapter of his life by transforming into a mukbang creator who eats healthy and lives strong.

Those who were honest with their feelings led simple and happy lives in their respective places. Until the end, it left a deep impression with the warm message, “I hope that many people in the world and the universe will be honest with themselves and be happy,” and there are three reasons why ‘No Secrets’ was well-received by viewers as a ‘guardian of the heart’ drama. I picked it.

◆ The performance of Go Kyung-pyo, Kang Hanna, and Joo Jong-hyuk

Go Kyung-pyo hit viewers' hearts with his natural acting. On the other hand, in the center of romance, the face changed to a serious one, creating realistic excitement. Kang Han-na, who has mainly played haughty and cynical roles, showed a new side with her lovely and friendly charm. Joo Jong-hyuk, who plays the role of Kim Jeong-heon, who must resolve the relationship between spirit and universe from the past, persuasively portrayed Jeong-heon's complex emotions with an acting that is neither too much nor too little, like surface tension.

◆ Directing that incorporates director Jang Ji-yeon’s identity

Director Jang Ji-yeon clearly embodies her own vibrant identity in the twists and turns in the quirky lives of Ki-baek, Woo-joo, and Jeong-heon. Due to the success of the dating entertainment show 'Couple Heaven', the joyous spirit and the emotions of the universe are expressed through the flying carpet 'Magic Carpet Ride', and in the part where the spirit, unable to lie, is overcome by fear that does not exist, it is like a shark in a cold bath. The emotions of the characters were maximized with colorful CG, such as drawing them with . The production, which emphasized the subtitle that summarized the theme of the day, was also one of the viewers' 'favorites'.

◆ The warm message of ‘There are no secrets’ that fills the poverty of the heart

Lastly, the warm message of ‘There are no secrets’ filled the poverty in my heart. Starting from the 3rd episode, which emphasized the importance of 'My Heart', which I protect, the feast of famous lines that continued in each episode really warmed the hearts of viewers. Gibaek thought that the only way to survive was to inflate himself with lies and hide his true feelings. So I was obsessed with the news desk position. It was because sitting there seemed to leave behind evidence that he was a successful person. The more I hid my true feelings behind a fake mask, the more lonely I became. My relationship with my family became increasingly distant, and I could not rely on anyone. The universe also had a reason why it had no choice but to say, “It’s okay,” no matter how difficult it was. The person who saved Bok-ja's life from poverty was young Woo-joo, who caught her saying she was hungry on her way to leave the world. From then on, Bok-ja's goal was for Woo-joo to smile and live well. The universe, which had been hiding its true feelings like that, also festered inside. These two people learned how to express their feelings honestly and ask for help from those around them. Then, as if it were a lie, my mind felt at ease and happiness came. The final message of 'No Secrets' left a lasting impression: not just holding back and hiding, but courageously expressing "I'm having a hard time, I'm afraid, I like and love you," and being honest with yourself without secrets is the way to protect your heart and the shortcut to happiness.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr
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