The National Defense Commission decides to ‘recommend administrative guidance’ to JTBC
The National Defense Commission decides to ‘recommend administrative guidance’ to JTBC
The Broadcasting Standards Subcommittee of the Korea Communications Standards Commission announced on the 4th that it had decided to issue administrative guidance 'recommendations' to JTBC programs that had raised complaints that they had defamed singer G-Dragon when suspicions of drug use arose.

The National Security Commission took this action in recognition of a civil complaint alleging that JTBC's 'Sangam-dong Class', 'Case Leader', and 'News 5 Who' had defamed G-Dragon through content concluding his drug charges.

Standing member Hwang Seong-wook pointed out, "Despite the fact that the simple test at the time came back negative, the panelists came out and broadcasted it in a push-pull style, showing an image that could lead to the conclusion that he had taken drugs."

A JTBC official who attended the statement of opinion said, "Many media outlets simultaneously reported on the G-Dragon incident, but JTBC was the only one to apologize in a responsible manner. We apologize once again for this report. Pay attention to future reports." “I will write it,” he said.

On October 26th last year, a complaint was filed against the broadcast of 'Sangam-dong Class', claiming that G-Dragon's speech was slurred and his behavior was strange based on maliciously edited videos of unknown sources such as SNS and online communities. On the same day, it was pointed out that the 'incident leader' also broadcast content concluding that G-Dragon was on drug charges based on maliciously edited videos and comments.

On November 10th of last year, 'News 5 Whoo' also reported that G-Dragon shaved his entire body when he voluntarily appeared at the police station. This report violated the principle of presumption of innocence, and G-Dragon completely denied this.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google