Ku Hye-sun, the reason why she spends all her money to study
Ku Hye-sun, the reason why she spends all her money to study
Actress Ku Hye-sun confessed that it was difficult to accept separation from her pet.

Ku Hye-sun, who showed off her versatility as a professional N-jobber by challenging herself in various fields such as singer, writer, and director, also attracted attention with the news of her graduation at the top of her class along with her current status of focusing on her studies following the news of her divorce in 2020.

On this day, Ku Hye-sun revealed her concerns, “It is difficult to accept separation from my pet.” Ku Hye-sun still appears to be having a hard time saying goodbye to her dog, Gamja, whom she left two years ago. Accordingly, Dr. Oh Eun-young analyzed that she was suffering from Petloss syndrome. Ku Hye-sun confesses, “Until the day before the recording, I didn’t want to talk about the sadness of losing my dog.”

Accordingly, Dr. Oh Eun-young points out the need to share sorrow with loved ones and sharply points out that there must have been many encounters and separations in human relationships, so there is a need to find out in detail why people are having a particularly difficult time breaking up with their dogs. In response, Ku Hye-sun surprised the family at the counseling center by confessing her personal relationship style, such as “I have no friends to share my sorrow with” and “Human relationships are always 1:1.”

In the interview video, Ku Hye-sun confesses, “A friend is someone who keeps secrets,” and says that she considers trust important in friendships. Ku Hye-sun confesses her inner thoughts, saying, “I think too much before sharing my concerns with friends,” and “I talk about them only after they are resolved.” Accordingly, Dr. Eunyoung Oh analyzes that there seems to be a belief that “a friend is a helpful person.” Additionally, she said, “Not talking about one’s sadness means not trusting others very well,” pointing out the contradiction that Ku Hye-sun, who considers trust important in human relationships, actually does not trust others.

Ku Hye-sun talks about having only one-on-one relationships, saying, “I feel so uncomfortable when everyone unanimously says that this person is bad,” and explains why she is reluctant to gather in large groups. In response, Dr. Eunyoung Oh said, “I think I’ve had a lot of experience with people gathering together and talking behind each other’s backs,” and speculated that there may have been many times when I heard, “Someone said that and you said that.”

Goo Hye-sun then confessed that she had often been misunderstood, and that when she appeared in the sitcom 'Nonstop 5', people recognized her as an odd character, and even heard people say, "It turns out you're normal." He said he thought, “So does that mean it was abnormal?” and confessed the difficulties of being misunderstood about the four-dimensional character.

To find out more about why Ku Hye-sun is misunderstood, Dr. Eun-young Oh looks at the sentence completion test that was conducted beforehand. Ku Hye-sun responds by saying, “I am the one who is foolishly afraid,” and “In my opinion, the true friend is me.” In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young said, “It seems like she still has a lot of concerns about me,” and analyzed, “It seems like she’s still trying to prove the existence and abilities of Ku Hye-sun.” Ku Hye-sun confesses that she feels like she put pressure on herself, saying, “If you’re not a productive person, you’re not human.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Oh Eun-young asked why Goo Hye-sun, a professional N-jobber, became involved in various fields. In response, Ku Hye-sun confesses her honest feelings, saying, “I was always hated and misunderstood when I was an actress, so I think I pursue something else.” He went on to say, “The time when I was most comfortable was when I was a student,” and said that he felt liberated when he was in the position of a student.

Dr. Oh Eun-young talks about the negative views toward Goo Hye-sun, saying, “When you work hard as a student and apply what you have learned in real life, you easily give it the title of master.” He goes on to point out the core of the misunderstanding, saying, “If you have multiple titles, it may not be well accepted by society.” In response, Ku Hye-sun reveals her true feelings, saying, “I have never given a title with my own hands.” He also confesses his honest feelings, saying, “When I write down my occupation when I get on a plane, I always write ‘student.’” “I feel like I am the most myself when I am a student.”

Ku Hye-sun then shed tears as she explained why she went to school at such a late age, saying, “I wanted to give my mom a gift,” and “I wanted to show my parents what I could do.” In response, Dr. Oh Eun-young encouraged Ku Hye-sun, who confessed her true feelings, saying, “I understand very much.”

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