There is a flirtation between Go Kyung-pyo and Kang Han-na.
There is a flirtation between Go Kyung-pyo and Kang Han-na.
JTBC's 'No Secrets' Go Kyung-pyo and Kang Han-na release a 'some' moment that will explode Wednesday night with excitement.

In the JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama 'No Secrets', Song Ki-baek (played by Go Kyung-pyo) and On Woo-joo (played by Kang Han-na) met at a point when their life switches were turned off, comforted each other, and gradually narrowed the distance in their hearts. However, even though their hearts were two-way, they chose 'Go back' instead of confessing, which made viewers feel sad. Gibaek, who knew very well how much Woo-joo, who planned the solo dating entertainment show, was putting his life and death on this program, took a step back and said he would not confess in order to protect it. Woo Joo, who cannot easily express his feelings, also expressed gratitude for his consideration. Still, their feelings for each other were growing.

Among them, the two people who did not confess due to their duties as dating entertainment show contestants and main writers will be appearing together as contestants on 'Couple Heaven' starting today (22nd). Now that the reason for not confessing has disappeared, whether they will go straight to each other instead of backwards, a sweet two-shot of Ki Baek and Woo Joo was revealed ahead of the main broadcast.

Ki Baek and Woo Joo riding a four-wheel bike together in the still. According to the theory of dating entertainment, which naturally induces skinship between the opposite sex through games and ignites competition between each other, romantic feelings also bloom, Woo-joo is burning with a competitive spirit and is speeding up, and we see the spirit of her hugging her waist tightly.

The sweetness explodes as they play a game where they put heart post-it notes on each other's cheeks. Also, the two people looking at each other with Woo Joo placing his hand on Ki Baek's chest look quite serious. As if you are watching a real dating program, the ‘some’ moment between Woo Joo and Gibaek catches your attention.

The production team said, “Spirits and Woo Joo are planning to color Wednesday night with great excitement.” “With the final selection of ‘Couple Heaven’ scheduled for today (22nd), their sweet ‘some’ will have a certain ending. “Please give us a lot of love for the 7th episode, which will not disappoint.”

Episode 7 of ‘No Secrets’ will be broadcast on JTBC at 8:50 pm today (22nd) Wednesday.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google