Jo Se-ho deceived his bride-to-be again, "No mention of appearance fee"
Jo Se-ho deceived his bride-to-be again, "No mention of appearance fee"
Broadcaster Jo Se-ho mentioned his bride-to-be.

In the second episode of ENA's entertainment show 'When I Opened My Eyes OOO' (directed by Je-min Ahn), which aired at 9 pm on the 16th (Thursday), Kim Dong-hyun, who became a Hanoi rickshaw puller, and Kwon Eun-bi, who became a Taipei arts high school student, entered the second day of their Nth life, and although it was unfamiliar, The story unfolds as the audience struggles to adapt to the exciting local life.

First, Eunbi Kwon, who had grown closer to her friends over the course of a day, went with her roommate Yeyoung to the school promotional fair where her friends were performing dance performances. In this life, Kwon Eun-bi, who is used to standing on stage, was a refreshing sight to see her friends dancing below the stage in her school uniform.

Afterwards, Kwon Eun-bi went to school, took acting classes, and showed off her talents in this life by performing impromptu situation plays. In the process, she collaborated with Cheom Yeong-gwi, a male classmate, in a romantic situation comedy, and Monsue, who has a crush on Kwon Eun-bi, also expressed subtle jealousy, making the subtle love triangle tickle the viewers' hearts.

Above all, on this day, Eunbi Kwon faced a crisis during dance class. Just before class started, I found out that there was an evaluation of the choreography I learned last week. Eunbi Kwon, who was on her second day of logging into Nth Life, had no way of knowing the test choreography, and when her friends said, “The teacher is really scary,” Eunbi Kwon’s expression became contemplative and made her laugh.

She quickly learned the choreography from her friends, but there was not enough time, and in the end, Eunbi Kwon, who gave up on everything, said, "As I lived, life went by somehow. Even if I didn't do my homework, I survived. You guys don't know that yet." Although he brought up his age(?), Yeyoung's one comment, "You talk like you're 30," hit me hard and made me burst into laughter. Afterwards, the dance teacher, who boasts an unusual force, appeared and began the full-scale evaluation, ending the VCR, raising interest in whether Eunbi Kwon, who had crammed to memorize the choreography, would be able to complete the evaluation safely.

Meanwhile, at Eunbi Kwon's dance class that day, we were able to gauge the popularity of K-POP among Taiwanese arts high school students. As New Jeans' 'Super Shy' and Twice's 'I Can't Stop Me' played, all of the classmates were impressed with their sharp choreography. When Lee Chang-seop advised, "Why not look at the evaluation based on 'Underwater'?" Kwon Eun-bi expressed regret and said, "But my friends don't know this song well. (Water Bomb's popularity) hasn't reached Taiwan yet." It caused laughter.

On the other hand, Kim Dong-hyun spent the day at the dorm with his Rickshaw colleagues and built up camaraderie. Kim Dong-hyun was briefly taken aback by the sight of two adult men having to sleep next to each other on a single bed without air conditioning in hot weather, and that there was no bathroom door. He also showed off his ability to adapt by saying, "I lived in a gym for two years when I was a martial arts player."

Also, upon hearing Brother Rum's story, "I left my hometown to raise my four children and am driving a rickshaw in Hanoi and sending all the money I earned back home," Kim Dong-hyun took out a photo of siblings Dan-woo, Yeon-woo, and Yeon-seo and showed them that he was the head of the household. They shared a feeling of sympathy and created a sense of warmth. Also, when Brother Rum heard Kim Dong-hyun say that the three siblings are all two years apart, he said, "Are you healthy?" and made the audience laugh.

At this time, groom-to-be Jo Se-ho, who was observing Kim Dong-hyun's Nth life in the studio, stimulated interest by exploding his curiosity about the economic rights of the couple. Kim Dong-hyun was curious about Jo Se-ho's financial plans after marriage, saying, "I give all my income to my wife. I get tested when I enter the house. He drains all my pockets." Jo Se-ho said, "I'm thinking of managing it myself. My bride-to-be will pay my appearance fee." “If you’re curious, I tell you that I’m just doing it out of love,” he said, causing laughter. Finally, when Jo Se-ho asked Lee Chang-seop, "What will you do if he asks where you make your money?", he answered, "They say I get it from Nam Chang-hee," making everyone around him laugh.

Afterwards, Dong-Hyeon Kim spent his first night sitting around with his colleagues, having a meal, spreading the Korean culture of deungmok, and fully adapting to the life of a rickshaw driver. Seeing this, Eunbi Kwon said, "It reminds me of living in a dorm. When I was in IZ*ONE, I slept on a bunk bed, and when I was lonely, someone would come down and sleep with me in that small space." However, Lee Chang-seop, another person with experience in accommodations, said, "BTOB sleeps six people in one room with three bunk beds, but the men never sleep together," causing laughter by being overly immersed in Kim Dong-hyun's difficulties in accommodations.

Meanwhile, Kim Dong-hyun, celebrating his second day as a rickshaw puller, showed great motivation by promising to compete with Brother Rum to 'make a lot of profit'. Kim Dong-hyun, who also launched a personal touting service, welcomed a foreign couple with a two-year-old son as a guest and successfully completed his first trip without Brother Rum's help. Accordingly, curiosity is gathering in the next episode of 'When I Open My Eyes OOO' as to how Kim Dong-hyun's steps, who seem to have found his calling in his Nth life, will be portrayed.

ENA's original entertainment show 'When I Open My Eyes, OOO' is a story about the real, everyday survival of stars who suddenly find themselves living the life of OOO. It airs every Thursday at 9 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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