Jeong Jinwoon changed his MBTI because of his lover.
Jeong Jinwoon changed his MBTI because of his lover.
Jeong Jinwoon shows off his romanticist side by changing his MBTI for his lover.

Channel S's original entertainment program 'Map to Go Back' will air its 109th episode at 9:20 pm today (16th). This day's broadcast is a special feature of 'Romantic Travel Destinations Packages Loved by Koreans' and introduces romantic travel destinations that you can't help but fall in love with, ranging from romantic attractions featured in movies to world-famous social media photo spots. Kim Shin-young worked with travel creators Sjotari and his wife on ‘Hurghada, Egypt, a rising honeymoon destination,’ Lee Seok-hoon worked with Angelina on ‘Lombok, Indonesia, the Island of Love,’ and Choi Tae-seong worked with Yeon-guk on ‘Heavenly Balloon Romance Türkiye Cappadocia.’ A package tour battle is held under the theme. His travel buddy is singer and actor Jinwoon Jeong.

Jinwoon Jeong reveals his secret to dating. On this day, Jinwoon Jeong shows off his 'romanticist' side, saying that he needs a unique experience course to reminisce about memories with his lover after traveling. When Kim Shin-young asked, "MBTI F, right?", Jeong Jin-woon honestly confessed, "Actually, I'm T, but in front of love, I change to F," making the MCs burst into laughter. Jinwoon Jeong reveals the romantic efforts of a ‘Type T person’, saying, “I even made flower arrangements for my lover.”

Jinwoon Jeong showed signs of leaving at any moment for the feast of a private yet romantic package tour. On this day, Lee Seok-hoon, who claimed to be a supporter of the 'Indonesia Lombok Package Tour', introduced a review of a private accommodation with a lush jungle view and a beautiful pool, and explained, "There is a review saying that after entering this accommodation, he did not come out for 4 days." “Why haven’t you gone out for four days?” he smiled mischievously, summoning the obscenity devil and causing Choi Tae-seong to burst into laughter.

On this day's broadcast, we plan to introduce travel destinations in Lombok, Indonesia, from 'the ultimate romantic' accommodation that satisfies both privacy and uniqueness, to various attractive marine activities and picturesque SNS sacred sites.

Episode 109 of the online world travel trip 'Map to Go Back' will be broadcast today (16th) at 9:20 PM.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google