Kim Myung-soo defeated Lee Yu-young's bad boyfriend.
Kim Myung-soo defeated Lee Yu-young's bad boyfriend.
Kim Myung-soo was captured trying to save Lee Yoo-young.

In the second episode of KBS 2TV's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Treat Me Cruelly', an incident occurs that offends Shin Yun-bok (played by Kim Myung-soo), who values benevolence, wisdom, and wisdom.

In the last broadcast, Shin Yun-bok went from Seongsan Village to Seoul to track down cultural property robbers, where he reunited with Kim Hong-do (played by Lee Yu-young), who was his teacher at the webtoon academy seven years ago. Kim Hong-do, who was drunk, did not recognize Shin Yun-bok, who had changed beyond recognition, and ended up behaving indecently. At the end of episode 1, I realized that he was the same person as the student I met at the webtoon academy.

Meanwhile, Shin Yun-bok and Kim Hong-do, who had a difficult reunion, meet again because of Kim Hong-do's boyfriend. In the released photo, Kim Hong-do is unable to move in front of her boyfriend's power, making even the viewers nervous. The person who saved Kim Hong-do in danger was none other than Shin Yun-bok, who witnessed the behavior of Kim Hong-do's rude boyfriend.

Shin Yun-bok, who has overpowered her boyfriend in an instant, is giving off an unprecedented intimidating aura, and her eyes looking at Kim Hong-do are full of worry. Shin Yun-bok's reckless side is expected to leave a fresh shock to Kim Hong-do and the viewers. In addition, attention is focused on the reason why he, who had maintained his distance from Kim Hong-do while maintaining courtesy, had no choice but to take a violent action.

On the other hand, Kim Hong-do, whose situation was not good every time he met Shin Yun-bok, grows more worried every day. Expectations are rising for another reunion between the two.

The unique side of Kim Myeong-soo, a top-level defense scholar who sets out to save Lee Yoo-young in crisis, can be seen in episode 2 of 'Treat Me Cruelty', which airs at 10:10 pm today (14th).

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google