Kim Ji-ho♥Kim Ho-jin reveals the truth after 24 years of marriage
Kim Ji-ho♥Kim Ho-jin reveals the truth after 24 years of marriage
Actors Kim Ji-ho and Kim Ho-jin are appearing as a new couple on TV CHOSUN's 100% pure documentary entertainment show 'Joseon's Lovers'.

The production team of ‘Joseon’s Lover’ said, “Kim Ji-ho He said.

In particular, Kim Ji-ho, who is returning to broadcasting after a long time as 'Joseon's Lover', is expected to show the most comfortable and sympathetic 'loving couple' with her husband Kim Ho-jin. Kim Ji-ho revealed his motivation for appearing on the show, saying, “I haven’t been active on TV for a long time, so I wanted to tell you about how I lived during my break for those who are curious about my current situation.” He also added an 'anti-war comment', saying, "Also, it definitely shattered the illusion that my wife and I were a lovebird couple... (laughter) It was very burdensome."

Kim Ho-jin, who is with Kim Ji-ho, said, “Honestly, I have more concerns than expectations about what kind of performance we can show,” and added, “I decided to appear because I thought it would be better to do it on TV or YouTube rather than briefly tell people around me who are curious about it through social media. “I did it,” he said, predicting an honest couple entertainment show. All the comfortable yet sweet, seemingly ordinary yet exciting moments of love between Kim Ji-ho and Kim Ho-jin can be seen in 'Joseon's Lover' soon.

Meanwhile, TV CHOSUN's 'Joseon's Lover' will be broadcast on TV CHOSUN at 10 PM on the 20th (Monday) after a week off from the broadcast on the 13th (Monday).

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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