Park Seul-gi reveals her second daughter, Riye, after four miscarriages
Park Seul-gi reveals her second daughter, Riye, after four miscarriages
Comedian Park Seul-gi's second daughter, Riye, will be revealed for the first time.

The 525th episode of 'Shoodol', which will be aired at 9:15 pm on the 12th, will be featured as the 'It's Always a Warm Spring Day When I Look at You' episode. Among them, Jay-Sun and Jun-Beom are looking for Park Seul-gi, who recently gave birth to her second daughter Ri-ye. Seulgi Park enjoyed a vacation with her first daughters, Soye and Junbeom, when she was pregnant last February. Accordingly, interest is focused on Park Seul-gi's announcement that she will be making her first appearance with her second daughter Riye after giving birth, thanks to the powerful energy of 'Shoodol'.

On this day, Jay and Jun-beom and their husbands visit Park Seul-gi's house with abalone and seaweed soup made by Hong Hyun-hee and congratulate her on the birth. Among these, Park Seul-gi's second daughter Riye is revealed for the first time and catches attention. Riye boasts bungeoppang eyes that look just like Seulgi Park. Seulgi Park said, “I think I should have a third child before it’s too late,” and expressed her affection for Riye, who is so pretty that she is already making plans for her next child.

Park Seul-gi continued, “I wanted to see Riye quickly, so I only anesthetized the lower body. “I felt like a baby was coming out,” she said, making our ears perk up as she delivers a vivid review of childbirth. Park Seul-gi also said, “I was worried about what I would do if I couldn’t broadcast, so I left the cooking center and went to work the next day. “I was proud that people were still looking for me,” she said, revealing the honest feelings of a working mother about her career break. It is said that Jay-Bitter greatly sympathized with Park Seul-Gi's words, saying, "Hyun-Hee did the same," and transformed into a 'Bitter Jumma' and chatting about parenting.

Meanwhile, the sweet chemistry between Park Seul-gi's eldest daughter So-ye and Jun-beom brings joy. So-ye shows off her love for her older sister by generously giving all kinds of toys to Jun-beom. Jun-beom smiles brightly at So-ye's words, and answers "Yes~" to the question, "Do you like So-ye?", making him smile automatically.

Meanwhile, Jun-beom inhales his mother Hong Hyun-hee's seaweed soup and shows off his upgraded speaking skills along with his mukbang. Junbeom pointed to his empty mouth and said, “Mamma,” expressing that he wanted the next spoon, and correctly called his father, Jay-Bun, “Dad.” Furthermore, Jun-beom is said to even perform a charming parade of pleasant pretty things, so expectations are soaring for the main broadcast of 'Shoodol', which will feature Jun-beom bursting with cuteness.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google