Gag Concert, new corners keep coming out
Gag Concert, new corners keep coming out
'Comedian Jeong Tae-ho presents a new style of relatable comedy with the 33rd generation of new comedians.

In the 1075th episode of KBS2's 'Gag Concert', which will be broadcast on the 12th, a new corner 'You Don't Know', which tactfully explains the subtle emotional fights that can occur between couples, will debut.

‘You Know, Right’ features Tae-ho Jeong and 33rd generation new comedians Si-woo Kim, Hyun-seung Nam, and Hyo-ryeong Chae. Jeong Tae-ho and Nam Hyun-seung play 'Alji' and 'Majji', who know women's feelings better than anyone else, and intuit the date of the couple Kim Si-woo and Chae Hyo-ryeong.

Jeong Tae-ho and Nam Hyun-seung are expected to stimulate viewers' sympathy by pointing out Kim Si-woo's behavior of not knowing Chae Hyo-ryeong's feelings during the date. At the same time, they plan to subtly disrupt the couple's relationship to create a point of laughter.

‘King of Communication, Let’s Stop Grandmother’ solves the worries of Trot singer Na Sang-do, a smiling angel. He confesses his concern, 'I am receiving love from many people, but what can I do to receive more love in the future?'

Kim Young-hee, 'Grandma Let's Talk', mentions the unexpected resemblance to Na Sang-do, saying that he has a physiognomy worthy of love from all over the world. At the mention of Kim Young-hee's resemblance, Na Sang-do jumps out of his seat, and Na Sang-do's resemblance mentioned by 'Malja Grandma' Kim Young-hee can be confirmed in this broadcast.

'Chatflix', a 100% unscripted corner that is conducted through communication with the audience, parodies the popular cartoon 'Slam Dunk'. On this day, while the 'Chatflix' basketball team continued to joke with the audience through tiki-taka as usual, they discovered a critical setting error as pointed out by an audience member. The appearance of Park Seong-gwang in a 'mental breakdown' is expected to bring fresh laughter.

Also, instead of 'Kang Baek-ho's girlfriend' Chae Yeon, a recently extremely hot person comes to support Park Seong-kwang. It is said that the recording site became a sea of laughter due to the appearance of an unexpected person.

In addition, various corners such as 'Golden Kindergarten', 'The World They Live In', 'Lady Action', 'Last Day At Work', 'How About Defcon', and 'Simgok Police Station' are being prepared to appear on Sunday night to satisfy viewers' Monday sickness.

Meanwhile, 'Gag Concert' airs every Sunday at 10:35 pm on KBS2.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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