Choa, AOA discord rumor → Center controversy explained, “The center is Seolhyun”
Choa, AOA discord rumor → Center controversy explained, “The center is Seolhyun”
Choa personally explains a small misunderstanding that occurred during her activities with girl group AOA.

In 'The Human Resources Office That Will Do Everything', which will be aired on T-Cast E Channel at 11:30 tonight (9th), guest Choa will appear along with Song Hae-na, who has become a regular employee.

After greeting Director Des and Director Yong, Choa reveals a surprising friendship with Lee Yong-jin's wife. Yongjin Lee makes people laugh by saying, "Choa is close to my wife. The two of us keep trying to do things on the side. She is closer to my wife than I am."

Additionally, Choa reveals an unexpected friendship by saying, “We go on trips together as a family and I am close with my son.” Due to an unexpected connection, Defconn looks at Lee Yong-jin and raises an accusation of hiring corruption, saying, "Did you hire her (Cho-A)?", but this is put to rest when he takes out the self-introduction letter that Cho-A had written.

Defconn, who was reading Choa's resume, recalled Choa's colorful past, saying, "Among my resumes, I am a member of the center of the girl group AOA." Choa neatly summarized the center position during her activities, saying, "But this is a bit controversial. I wasn't the center, I was just the main vocalist. The center is Seolhyun."

Director Deso and Defconn did not let this go and tried to create discord among the members, saying, "That's why we don't get along so well," but Choa's strong opposition ended the situation.

Choa then successfully gets a job at a human resources office, showing off her splendid part-time job experience, including a part-time job at a convenience store, serving at a wedding hall, selling mobile phones, and working as a promotional part-timer. The business the four people visited that day was a malatang brand developed by Koreans and an aged meat restaurant in a place crowded with office workers.

While working part-time at a restaurant, one of the most difficult part-time jobs, Song Hae-na and Cho-a's popularity votes are instantly cast. Which of the two will be the winner?

You can check it out tonight at 11:30 pm on T-Cast E channel ‘We Do Everything Human Resources Office’.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter
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