‘Jirak’s Jump, Jump, Jump’ premieres on the 24th
‘Jirak’s Jump, Jump, Jump’ premieres on the 24th

tvN's 'Jirak's Jump, Ttoopbbang (directed by Na Young-seok, Kim Ye-seul)', which will be broadcast for the first time at 8:40 pm on the 24th (Friday), will be about Ji-rak (Lee Eun-ji, Lee Eun-ji) handling everything from driver's license to travel planning, filming, and game planning. This is the first self-travel in the life of Mimi, Lee Young-ji, and An Yu-jin).

The concept of this trip began with a live broadcast held in February of this year. Producer Na Young-seok proposed a short domestic trip for 4 days and 3 nights to Eun-ji Lee, Mimi, Young-ji Lee, and Yu-jin Ahn before starting the new season of 'Ppung Pung Earth Arcade.' In response, Lee Young-ji expressed confidence as if she had been waiting, saying, "We can produce 10 days' worth of content in 3 nights and 4 days," and Lee Eun-ji raised expectations by sending a realistic warning, "Audio director, prepare your mind."

While Eunji Lee, Mimi, Youngji Lee, and Yujin Ahn were talking about travel, they agreed on a self-trip, including filming and driving. In particular, after realizing that none of them had a driver's license, they promised that the first person to get a license would get the wheel on this trip, and it became a hot topic in the online community, with a vote taking place to see who would get a driver's license first. Who will be driving the steering wheel on this trip is expected to be the highlight of 'Jirak's Jump, Jump, Jump, Jump, Beat, Beat, Beat, Beat'.

The teaser released ahead of the broadcast shows Jirak's still noisy and cheerful chemistry. Lee Eun-ji, who was completely immersed in the role of Madam Jeong in the movie 'Tazza', imitates his famous lines and introduces Mimi, Lee Young-ji, and Ahn Yu-jin. Eunji Lee said, “They were the best Tazzas I’ve ever seen. I wonder? Then come. “Jirak’s jumping, jumping, pounding,” he said, making people laugh with his professionalism as he steadily stared at the camera. At the same time, Mimi, Lee Young-ji, and An Yu-jin, who were immersed in the game and making loud noises as always, without even paying attention to what line Eun-ji Lee was saying, foreshadowed the great chemistry that was so familiar and missed even more.

'Jirak's Jump, Run, Run, Run' will be aired for the first time on tvN at 8:40 pm on the 24th (Friday). Afterwards, the full version will be released on YouTube's 'Channel 15 Nights' at 10 PM.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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