Jisung became a drug addict... “I became servile.”
Jisung became a drug addict... “I became servile.”
“A challenging spirit that does not break even after a long career!!”

Actor Ji-sung released an honest interview about the process of transforming into the never-before-seen 'Damage Man' character, 'Drug addicted drug team ace detective' Jang Jae-kyung.

SBS' new Friday-Saturday drama 'Connection' (written by Lee Hyeon, directed by Kim Moon-kyo, produced by Studio S, Soul Pictures, and Poongnyeonjeonpasang), which is scheduled to air for the first time at 10 p.m. on Friday, May 24, is about a story about a person who is forcibly addicted to drugs by someone. It is an 'addiction chase suspense' drama in which a Team Ace detective uses the death of a friend as a clue to uncover the full story of a 20-year-old friendship and connection.

Above all, in 'Connection', Ji-sung plays Jang Jae-kyung, an ace detective on the drug team at Anhyeon Police Station who is trusted by his seniors and juniors, but is forced to become addicted to drugs, and he generously reveals his deep inner knowledge accumulated in various works. Ji-seong, who has already shown the face of a thousand characters in several works, plays the role of Jang Jae-kyung, depicting a struggle to uncover secret incidents and connections one by one while suffering from an addiction that forces one to become a slave to the central nervous system, a life-long performance that makes you unable to take your eyes off even for a moment. renews once again.

In relation to this, Ji-sung catches people's attention by revealing his efforts to express Jang Jae-kyung, a difficult character, through a written interview. First, Ji-seong said, “acting as a drug-addicted detective was not easy to express because it was something I had never done before, and there were limits to my imagination, so I felt like I faced a lot of challenges while acting. However, there were parts that pursued reality in their own way, and parts that were left to the imagination,” he said, confessing that it was not easy for a veteran actor with 26 years of experience since his debut to play a detective who was forced to become addicted to drugs.

Ji-sung also said about what he focused on while playing Jang Jae-kyung, “Unlike movies, I was worried that the fatigue of drug addiction would increase in a long-running drama, and I tried to take a cautious approach in controlling the level. “There were also difficulties in deciding to what extent the symptoms could be expressed,” he said. “Drugs are an essential element in uncovering the case in ‘Connection,’ but I thought they should not be expressed too lightly or empathetically.” He showed his trustworthy side by displaying his thorough convictions and firm opinions as befits an actor.

In particular, Ji-sung said about Jang Jae-kyung, whom he plays, "Jang Jae-kyung thinks 'friendship doesn't exist,' and while playing Jang Jae-kyung, it was sad to see this from the side, and I thought she was a very lonely friend." He said he deeply considered Jang Jae-kyung's inner self. revealed.

Moreover, Ji-sung said, “I didn’t want to be servile. “But then I became servile,” he said, confessing the dizzying feelings he felt while acting as a ‘drug addict.’ Ji-seong also said, “It’s true that I can’t try drugs, so I searched a lot of materials, and because there were a lot of burdensome parts to act in dramas, I tried to find the level of acting I could do in dramas. On the outside, I almost gave up the pleasure of eating to show off my worn-out appearance rather than exercise, and I ate nuts most of the time during filming to try to control my weight,” she said, revealing the preparation process and how she lived as Jang Jae-kyung from head to toe and what it was like on set. .

Lastly, Ji-sung said, “I think viewers will find it so interesting that they will not be able to take their eyes off of ‘Connection’ because it features elements with strong ramifications, such as classmates but their faulty friendship, and a police officer who is addicted to drugs. As the time to show the results approaches, I am both worried and excited. This is a time when generous support from viewers is needed. He left a point to watch and a word to viewers, saying, “Please show a lot of anticipation and interest.”

The production team said, “In ‘Connection,’ Ji-sung, who has shown excellent acting regardless of genre, will show off his acting skills. Please look forward to Ji-sung’s passionate performance that will prove the true worth of a genre hero.”

Meanwhile, SBS' new Friday-Saturday drama 'Connection' will premiere at 10 PM on Friday, May 24.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr
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